Departing Neighbor Creates Lovely Montage of Bernal Memories


Sad News: Neighbor Andrés is moving from Bernal Heights. But before he departs, he created this lovely montage of the places and spaces that will represent Bernal Heights in his memories:

As I move out, I think about the images that remind me of Bernal Heights. I’m sad that I’m moving out, but this place will always be my home and it’s only an 80 minute drive away.

Aloha, Neighbor Andrés, and come back soon.

PHOTO: funkyfijoles on Instagram

15 thoughts on “Departing Neighbor Creates Lovely Montage of Bernal Memories

  1. Sweet, although some of them, such as the Arik’s sign, aren’t actually in Bernal Heights.

    • While it is true that the Arik’s sign is not technically in Bernal, seeing that sign represented the last visual of the Mission before going up the hill to see my grandparents, and one step closer to being home when I lived there.

      • That’s totally fair, I agree. Not in bernal, but absolutely bernal-adjacent.

      • Clearly Burrito Justice’s mark has been made! I vote La Lengua, with Bernal Heights a very close second. 🙂

        The Arik’s shot is great and brings me back to middle/high school when we called it “The Ben Davis Store”, even though we only bought Dickies there…

        Happy trails, funkyfrijoles!

  2. Thanks for showing the love! If I knew this was going to be posted, I would have wrote about the picture(s) in more detail. I’ll definitely be back! Still have family reppin’ Bernal to the fullest!

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