Bernal Photographer Captures Alien Abduction of Oakland


From his observation post high atop Bernal Hill, Neighbor Michael captured the shocking scene this morning as a huge alien spacecraft abducted the entire city of Oakland.

The photographic evidence is incontrovertible, yet, oddly, there has been no mention of the news that the population of Oakland has suddenly gone missing in the mainstream media. That said, we would not expect the Citizens of Oakland to say much about their experiences aboard the alien spacecraft, as we are told that amnesia is a common side-effect of the bizarre scientific experiments the alien species likely conducted upon their human captives.

BART service to the East Bay is unaffected, and traffic on the Bay Bridge is expected to be terrible, per usual.

PHOTO: Michael Minson

3 thoughts on “Bernal Photographer Captures Alien Abduction of Oakland

  1. I’m so glad someone snapped a pic. I saw this scene on my way to work and all I had to document it was my crappy flip phone camera. Thanks!

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