Handy Ball Exchange Brings Slobber-Covered Joy to Bernal Heights Canines



For humans who need a solution for mismatched footwear, the Bernal Bubbles laundromat on Cortland hosts the ever-so useful Bernal Heights Sock Exchange. Now Neighbor Jonathon and Canine Jolene bring word that a similar program has been established for Bernal dogs that need a ball to fetch.

The Bernal Ball Exchange is located on Esmeralda at Lundys Lane, and Canine Jolene is very excited about it:

I am borrowing my Dad’s email account. I wanted to let my other furry friends know about the Bernal Ball Exchange. I have no idea which of my fellow Bernal beasts came up with the idea, but I love it, and I always return my ball. I attached a few pics my dad took of me – he’s a sucker.



PHOTOS: Neighbor Jonathon

5 thoughts on “Handy Ball Exchange Brings Slobber-Covered Joy to Bernal Heights Canines

  1. Beware the felty tennis balls, dog owners! My active Springer Spaniel, ball obsessed, wore his teeth down to nubs catching old tennis balls. Felt is the culprit. Bummer too, my tennis-playing buddy used to drop off shopping bags full of old balls and Hogan was over the moon! Now I’m buying non-felted PetCo rubber balls.

  2. Just remember to tell your furry friends after they are done playing with the ball and have to take a big crap make sure your owner cleans it up and puts it in the garbage can dont just leave the bag of shit in the park and expect someone else to pick it up !

    • I love it! Thank you so much for the clever idea and I cannot wait to walk my fur-baby by and give a couple and take a different one with new smells and stuff. She loves that.

  3. Awesome idea! I always make sure to educate my pooch on the etiquette of the “community ball” whenever we are lucky enough to find one on the hill- never take the community ball home, you leave it for some other lucky pooch to find. Would love to get one of these by the Bocana entrance to the park.

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