New Renderings Reveal the St. Luke’s Hospital of Tomorrow, Today




Now that all the squabbling over the plans has been settled (knock wood), California Pacific Medical Center has released a new set of renderings that show what the new, redesigned, 120-bed St. Luke’s Hospital on Cesar Chavez at Valencia will look like when it’s done.

SF Appeal provides the overview:

A previous development agreement reached between city and hospital officials last year called for a smaller-scale hospital at St. Luke’s and a larger one at the Cathedral Hill site at Van Ness Avenue and Geary Boulevard, but was shelved by supervisors unhappy with the deal.

One of the aspects of the previous proposed deal that supervisors criticized was an escape clause that could have allowed CPMC to close St. Luke’s if its operating margin stayed negative for two consecutive years.

In addition, residents near the proposed Cathedral Hill site had complained about the prospect of increased traffic congestion from a hospital being built at the intersection of two of the city’s main thoroughfares, he said.

Supervisor Mark Farrell applauded the new agreement in March, which he said “incorporates the needs and concerns of our neighborhoods.”

Supervisor David Campos, whose district includes St. Luke’s, said that hospital is “very personal to me” because he had received care there when he was uninsured as a young adult.

He said the new plan “ensures the long-term viability of St. Luke’s.”

With luck, construction should begin by the end of the year. Find more detail about the project at the RebuildCPMC website.

17 thoughts on “New Renderings Reveal the St. Luke’s Hospital of Tomorrow, Today

  1. No the Moreton Bay fig tree does not get cut down. If the deal gets approved as drafted, CPMC agrees to fund over $3 million dollars in streetscape improvements, some of which are outlined in the Mission District Streetscape Plan and others of which are on CPMC property and analyzed in the environmental impact report prepared for the hospital replacement project.

  2. Can anyone find the height difference between this and what’s there now? It would appear the new building is going to be 5 floors shorter, but with more beds—a good thing, but I’m not sure if simply counting floors is giving me the most accurate impression.

    • The St. Luke’s Campus Hospital, at 142′-0″,would be approximately 16′-0″ shorter than the existing hospital tower. The MOB would be approximately 58’-0” shorter than the existing 158’-0” Hospital Tower, and would be in a similar location, at the corner of Valencia and Cesar Chavez Streets.

  3. This looks quite nice. Hopefully it will inspire some new housing and commercial development in this area too.

  4. CPMC not being entirely altruistic on showing more love for St Luke’s effort…they’re reading the corporate tea leaves showing changing demographics of the Mission (more Google busses, etc) and seeing less poor and more moneyed future clientele.

  5. The new St Luke’s will be an improvement over what is there already. With all the upgrades, just maybe the rest of the area around Army/Valencia Streets will improve, too.

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