Homes Saved as SFFD Halts Hillside Brush Fire in South Bernal





Chalk this up as one of those things that could have been really really really really bad, but instead turned out to be just dramatic and messy.

Yesterday afternoon, a fire broke out on the grassy hillside behind the Ellsworth Street projects, just east of the Alemany Farm, facing I-280. The San Francisco Fire Department responded to the blaze with an impressive display of manpower and specialized equipment, such that no homes were lost in the fire, and (according to the SFFD scanner) only two houses were slightly damaged.

Neighbors Evan and Anne, who took the photos you see here, bring the summary:

There was a fire today on the hillside south of Bache & Andover Streets.  Thanks to quick action of many neighbors and the SFFD, serious property damage was averted.

Nice work, people. Also: Whew!


PHOTOS: Neighbors Evan and Anne

4 thoughts on “Homes Saved as SFFD Halts Hillside Brush Fire in South Bernal

  1. Who owns keep that area clean, I know I live near the 101 freeway and I worry sometimes of the dry grass that is over on the side of that hill too. Cars or thrown cigarettes I feel like can easily set fire to it and it could be an issue on our side of the hill (north of cortland, looking towards lowes)

  2. yeah sadly that hill bursts into flame every year or so. the housing development down at the bottom isn’t known for its lack of ne’er-do-wells and is not short on kids with too much time on their hands so that probably doesn’t help. usually it’s the overzealous patriotic celebrations of June 22-July 10 that is the cause. unsurprisingly, there will be three houses built into the steep hillside there at the end of Andover which in effect will act as a bit of fire break (bait?) that isn’t currently there.

  3. Saw all the smoke/fire from where I live. Knew right away it came from Alemany Projects. These slums need to be razed & replaced with condos. Enough of things like this happening, let alone the constant criminal activity.

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