Palace Steak House Will Rise From the Dead… Again!

Let’s not be ashamed to say it: Despite our great hopes, the first attempt to revive the legendary Palace Steak House on the corner of Mission and Cesar Chavez turned out to be a big disappointment. But on the bright side, it was also relatively short-lived, as the reborn Palace Steak House returned to the realm of the dead about a year after it reopened. Now Bernalwood has learned that the Palace Steak House will be reborn — again!

The Inside Scoop blog reports that acclaimed chef Manny Torres Gimenez from Roxie’s Cafe plans to reanimate the Palace Steak House in the guise of a steak house he wants to call… The Palace!

Confused yet? Inside Scoop explains:

Gimenez signed papers to take over the old school joint on the corner of Cesar Chavez and Mission. Along with his wife Katerina (who doubles as the GM), he will reopen the restaurant as a new steakhouse named The Palace.

“We’re gonna try to do like a take on a steakhouse, but more refined,” he says. “My goal is to create tributes to whole animals with affordable prices.”

The plan is to open the doors on June 1 after a little bit of renovation. He’ll be able to do animal butchery there — whole pigs, beef quarters — and will also bring over many of the favorite dishes from Roxy’s Cafe. Do note that he’ll continue to operate Roxy’s, and he’s hired chef de cuisine there to help out: Shawn Naputi, who worked for five years as a line cook at Incanto, among other places.

At The Palace, Gimenez will make his own sausages, cure his own meat and so on. He’ll offer both an a la carte menu and a tasting menu ($50 for five courses).

Barring the demonic effects of  an undead restaurant curse that haunts the Palace Steak House space, there is reason to believe that this revival will be more palatable and more successful then the last. The crankypants critics on Yelp give the Roxie Cafe four stars, while SF Chronicle food critic Michael “The Bauer” Bauer recently praised chef Manny Torres Gimenez while awarding Roxie’s Cafe two stars:

Manny Torres Gimenez is one of the new breed of chefs who cook from the heart and aren’t deterred by inadequate kitchens and inferior dining amenities. He earned a cult following creating arepas and a $20 four-course tasting menu at Mr. Pollo in the Mission, but in January he “upgraded” to a space in the same block that’s three times as large – Roxy’s Cafe.

At Roxy’s he offers a $25 chef’s choice menu; a $75 10-course tasting menu that includes Asian, Italian and South American flavors from his native Venezuela; and a short a la carte menu.

Before going out on his own, Gimenez worked at SPQR, Coi and Quince, and those influences are evident in what he ladles into his chipped soup bowls and arranges on his oversize white plates.

All this sounds promising… zombies notwithstanding.

PHOTO: Shuttered new Palace Steak House, October 2012, by Telstar Logistics. Hat tip: Neighbor Greg

17 thoughts on “Palace Steak House Will Rise From the Dead… Again!

  1. So happy to hear this! Roxie’s cafe sounds quite intriguing too – never noticed it before. And when is the chef from Locavore gonna open a new place? Anyone know where he went? That place was the best.

  2. I am cautious. But if they can provide an experience as good as the original Palace Family Steak House, that would be wonderful.

  3. Despite the fact that there is a parking lot for the Palace, I think the location is part of the reason the place doesn’t succeed. To me it’s a very grim corner with little foot traffic. Nevertheless, I wish Mr. Gimenez well.

    • I disagree. It was completely successful for 40 years, until the owner-operators decided to retire.

      • It doesn’t help there is a “do not enter” street sign right next to the entrance. Hope this version does well. The last iteration was awful.

      • Concur. It started out not-so-bad (promising, even), but got progressively worse and worse as time went by.

      • Also, that street corner will be changed soon. Capp street will bend left around the Palace parking lot and exit at a 90 degree angle onto Cesar Chavez. The remainder of the corner will be turned into a pedestrian plaza.

  4. I’m a big fan of his from Mr. Pollo, glad he’s getting a permanent place with more than 6 seats (although that was part of the charm, I guess) and wish him luck.

    I’d been hoping it’d turn into some diner type place a’la St. Francis but with better hours, but this is also good news.

  5. I live a block away, the latest owners seemed to do what they could to make it unappealing to go inside and actually eat. Red’s Cafe is a block away – with no parking, and is over full every sat/sun with a great brunch. We stopped even trying to go to the Palance when the hours ended up being all over the place and stock just seemed to be left in boxes on random tables.

  6. One thing to keep in mind when opening a restaurant is aesthetics ! The outside of the building is VERY important ! Tacky awnings , bars on the windows, dirty windows wrong paint colors can be very un appealing ! I can tell you just from the way it looks now i would not want to eat or drink at a place that looks like that. Try soft colors cleans windows maybe a nice planter with bamboo under the window etc. You get the idea A good steamclean on the sidewalk would help. People want to eat at a place that looks clean on the outside and the inside. Best of luck to you !

  7. Clean outside; & most importantly, clean inside. I have wanted to try Mr Pollo & Roxy’s. Took a look, left. Both places rundown, grimy, would not even want to think what the kitchen, restrooms look like. Have new dishes, glasses, & silverware – The old chipped stuff doesn’t impress.

    • Naw. Some of the best restaurants I have ever been to, both here and elsewhere, have been shabby as hell.

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