Three of “San Francisco’s Quirkiest Homes” Found in Bernal Heights



New Mural

Have you heard of the San Francisco Chronicle? We hear they print a newspaper. Yet just like Bernalwood, they also have a website, and on that website they published an article yesterday that lists “10 of San Francisco’s quirkiest homes.”

This angle plays well to our neighborhood’s innate disposition, which may explain why three of the 10 quirky houses are located in Bernal Heights. Of course, Bernalwood has written about each of them in months past. Bernal’s three contributions to the Chron’s oddball residential round-up are:

1) “The International Orange House” 

2) “The Chalkboard Garage House”

3) “The Yoga House”

… because we’re quirky like that.

PHOTOS: Bernalwood

9 thoughts on “Three of “San Francisco’s Quirkiest Homes” Found in Bernal Heights

  1. Bernal Heights makes up 12% of San Francisco’s geography but contributes 30% of the city’s quirkiness.

  2. What does it say about me that I don’t find these three all that quirky? Now if the Winshester Mystery House was located in Bernal…..

  3. Wrong. It is not “the yoga house.” I wish they would have asked me. It is the “flower house” on Folsom Street.

    It always has been and it always will be. The Chronicle should have rang the door bell. I would have been more than happy to have shared with them.

    If I sound upset. It is because I am.

  4. Judge Carter,

    I must be another grumpy “young” man since I too don’t find these homes “quirky,” but rather “beautiful” in different ways. Each one gives to the community in its own unique and special manner. Daily, I bare witness to whole families smiling ear to ear in absolute “awe” as they succumb to the sweet serenity the many shades of green (the flowers may appear white to the eye, but they are of a lighter shade of green) the facade’s mural brings about to their souls. Children still working on their equilibrium fight vigorously to stay one step ahead of gravity as they point with jubilation at the bursting colossal flowers to their parents and care givers all take note.

    Whats “quirky” about publicly displaying great pleasure by children and bliss from adults-specially when it comes in all ages.

    If this is “quirky” then I am really “wacko” or as I like to say “Looney Tunes.”

  5. Todd,
    Thank you. I honestly feel that your house is just as beautiful. You may not remember, but one day long ago when you were finishing your remodeling, I was walking slightly past your doorway and just as I was commenting to my wife on how wonderful your house looked painted all in “International Orange” you opened your door; after hearing me saying that I loved it,

    you replied with a grateful smile-“thank you.”

    So yes, you are correct when you say that we here in Bernal stand out with our special “innate disposition.”

  6. I believe there a bunch at houses in bernal that are quirkier than these three. What about the house near holly park that has a mermaid maid of tiles? And then there’s the house on Wool St with drawer fronts mounted on the front steps so that it looks like a dresser?

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