Errant Waterfowl Returns to Familiar Spot on Precita Ave.


Remember that odd, errant waterfowl that made an incongruous appearance on Precita Avenue last spring? Neighbor Dan reports that a) it’s spring again and b) a near-identical waterfowl has returned to the exact same spot on Precita:

Remember that hanger on that Bernalwood chronicled last may? Its back! Do you think its the same fellow?

That’s the obvious question, given the clear evidence that the similarities are indeed very similar:



If there are any waterfowl experts in Bernalwood’s studio audience, please share your bird-wisdom in the comments.

PHOTO: Neighbor Dan

7 thoughts on “Errant Waterfowl Returns to Familiar Spot on Precita Ave.

  1. Great Blue Herons are very common in the city. You can find plenty of them in the GG and McLaren Park ponds, or at Chrissy Field. The property owner should be flattered he considered this a good enough between-water areas hangout that he decided to return!

  2. Great Blue Herons are notorious fishers. If there’s a fish pond nearby, the bird will find and hunt. Believe me, I have a fishpond and know too well!

  3. There dsn’t have to be a (fish) pond nearby; GBHs also feed on rodents, insects, & small reptiles; in urban environments, like many birds, they also become accustomed to “human” food & food garbage. They usually reside in a largish colony/rookery called a heronry. The interesting thing is that our Pacific sub-species is a year-round resident; if this GBH shows up regularly at only one specific time of year, it cd be an easterner migrating between wintering & breeding areas…

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