UPDATED: Star Sighting! President Barack Obama Over Bernal Heights

The skies over Bernal Heights may have played host to another glamorous visitor today: President Barack Obama!

POTUS is in town for a series of fundraisers, and this morning Anthony Brown, Bernal’s celebrity penguinologist, looked up from his home to see two Sea Knight helicopters flying in formation over our cozy airspace.

Was Obama on board one of them? Obama was in town this morning, so it’s possible!

If he was airborne over Bernal, we can be quite confident that Obama was looking down, smiling wistfully, and imagining how glorious it would be to take his dog Bo for a run on Bernal Hill with Michelle, Malia, and Sasha. Or maybe he was thinking about how fantastic it would be to drop by Paulie’s to get a jar of those famous pickles straight from the source.

Or maybe not.

Maybe those twin-rotor helos were just carrying his support team, while Obama flew aboard his single-rotor Black Hawk. *sigh*

UPDATE: 4 April, 1:30 pm

Perhaps Obama DID fly over Bernal Heights! Neighbor Kevin snapped this photo which shows the single-rotor Marine One helicopter visible in the middle.


Neighbor Kevin says:

I took it from my balcony/house on Ripley.  So, if the president looked a little to his right he had a great view of Bernal.

… at which point POTUS no doubt paused to daydream of frolicking with Bo and the family on Bernal Hill, and the zesty crunch of a Paulie’s Pickle.

4 thoughts on “UPDATED: Star Sighting! President Barack Obama Over Bernal Heights

  1. There were three other helicopters that flew over right after these that were a little to the east over the Bay that included Marine One, its back up and another support helicopter. They did a practice run on Monday afternoon with the five helicopters flying together over the Bay that was also pretty cool to see!

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