Muni Bus Backs into Parked Car, Ruins Morning for Bernal Car Owner and Many Commuters

Muni backs up into my neighbor's car in slow mo as he yells, "stop, hey! What the hell are you doing!"  @bernalwood

There was gnashing of teeth (and sheetmetal) on Mission Street this morning as a 14 Limited Muni bus evvvvver sooooo slooooowly  backed into a Bernal neighbor’s parked car — while the owner of the car reportedly watched in horror, shouting “”Stop! Hey! What the hell are you doing!”

Added Bonus: The accident also caused major congestion on Mission at 30th Street, as the stricken bus blocked several lanes of traffic while waiting for the SFPD to arrive. Much honking ensued. Good times…

PHOTO and NEWS TIP: Nathanael Johnson

9 thoughts on “Muni Bus Backs into Parked Car, Ruins Morning for Bernal Car Owner and Many Commuters

  1. This is simply not possible. For this to occur, the MUNI bus would have had to have actually come within 10 feet laterally of the bus stop lane at 30th and Mission. Anyone familiar with MUNI buses and bus stops knows that there is a repellant force of 1/D^3 that makes it nearly impossible for a MUNI bus to get anywhere near a bus stop cut-out, let alone actually pull over INTO one. Google and Yahoo corporate busses lack this repellant force and can pull into them with graceful ease.

  2. hmmm. That photo is a bit incriminating if you ask me…for the car owner. It looks to be ‘parked’ outside the little white lines marking where to park.

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  4. You could be parked in the middle of the street, it is still the fault of the driver of the moving vehicle.

  5. I thought I read something a long time ago about how Muni drivers aren’t supposed to back up at all unless there is someone there to stand behind and direct them?

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