Talented Artist Captures the Very Best View from Bernal Hill


The Bernal Heights cognoscenti know that one of the very best views in all of Bernalwood is found on the west side of the hill, looking north toward downtown, in the area the local skiers call Owl’s Nest.

The perspective from that spot offers a dramatic contrast between the feral rusticity of Bernal Hill and the angular modernity of the downtown San Francisco skyline, and it is rather magical.

Artist David Cheifetz recently completed a painting called “Path Before Sunset, Bernal Heights” that captures the cityscape from that magical location during a particularly magical time of day. The painting will debut this July at David’s solo show at the Studio Gallery in North Beach.

As an alternative, however, the view from the same spot on Bernal Hill is open for public viewing during daylight hours, 365 days a year.

IMAGE : “Path Before Sunset, Bernal Heights” by David Cheifetz

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