Friday Night: Raise a Glass with Karen at the Stray Bar’s Glorious Goodbye Party


We’ve had a few weeks now to absorb the news. We have worked our way through the Kübler-Ross Five Stages of Grief. It has not been easy. It has not been pleasant. Yet after much arduous struggle and introspection, we have reached the final level: Acceptance.

Now it’s time for a last hurrah.

The Stray Bar on Cortland will close for good on Saturday morning very soon, but on Friday night owner Karen Opp is hosting a goodbye party that will inevitably turn out to be a glorious hot mess. She writes:

Hi friends & family,

We are nearing the midnight hour, and many of you want to know when to come have your last drink or three with us – so please join us Friday March 15th for our big blast w/our Stray Bar team of — me, Gabe, Marieke, & Nadia !

All bottle beer $3 & and $3 peppermint Girl Scout cookie shots — ALL NIGHT LONG :-). Yummy food and crazy antics & your last time to buy me (Karen) a tequila shot!!! 🙂 The kick-off to Saint Patricks Days is the perfect way to send off this Irish Lass to her next adventure while she leaves behind her Stray Bar Pup for the folks of Bernal Heights to watch after…

It’s been an amazing seven years on the hill for me… I have made so many new friends and I’m so appreciative of the love and support I’ve received from this community. Stray Bar will remain under the guidance of new owners who are sure to take care of the Stray Bar Pup well….and I thank you all for your advice, your guidance, and just being damn cool and awesome customers!

Thank you,
Karen Opp/Owner – Stray Bar

Godspeed, Karen. We will miss you, and we wish you the very best… with love from Bernalwood.

PHOTO: Stray Bar Owner Karen Opp, on March 5, 2013, shortly after forcing your Bernalwood editor to drink a tequila shot.

14 thoughts on “Friday Night: Raise a Glass with Karen at the Stray Bar’s Glorious Goodbye Party

  1. Oof, that note just made me cry at work. So many great times at the Stray! Thanks and good luck to you Karen!

  2. Nooo, this is a party not the final night of Stray Bar !! Escrow is still in process. Please update this – this is NOT THE LAST NIGHT!

  3. And Todd, thank you for all your support and promotion of Stray Bar these past seven years. You and Bernalwood rock!

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