City and CPMC Reach Agreement to Save and Expand St. Luke’s Hospital


Very good news! Mission Local reports that a new agreement between The City and California Pacific Medical Center will bring new investment and a more secure future for St. Luke’s Hospital in the La Lengua Autonomous Zone:

After many months of strained conversations between California Pacific Medical Center, city officials and neighborhood interest groups, Mayor Ed Lee announced that the parties have reached agreement on a deal to rebuild St. Luke’s Hospital at Cesar Chavez and Valencia streets.

The new, seismically safe hospital will be larger than originally planned and will account for about a quarter of CPMC’s beds in the city.

“St. Luke’s Hospital will now be an integral part of the CPMC system,” said Boudin Bakery co-owner and civic leader Lou Giraudo, who led mediations for the agreement.

The new St. Luke’s will hold 120 beds instead of the 80 first planned, and a second new hospital, on Cathedral Hill at Geary Boulevard and Van Ness Avenue, will support 274 beds with the potential to build an additional 30, rather than the 555 originally planned. The deal, Lee said, is part of a long-term vision for health care in San Francisco.

PHOTO: Rendering of proposed new St. Luke’s hospital facility on Cesar Chavez

9 thoughts on “City and CPMC Reach Agreement to Save and Expand St. Luke’s Hospital

  1. One small quibble about the headline. I think you mean ‘CPMC’ rather than ‘CMPC’.

    Otherwise, and interesting and informative piece!

  2. Seems like a good thing! One question: If it’s being expanded, where is it being expanded TO? Is the new hospital going to fit entirely within the footprint of the current one?

  3. There is a cynical way to look at this: For nearly 2 decades they tried to close St. Luke’s. The reason that was spread was that the facility was too expensive to run. The cynical view was that St. Luke’s base had too many poor people. Well, now, conditions have changed since Bernal has gone from low-income to hipster. Just walking by I see a different clientele going into St. Luke’s clinics these days. Not sure what the demos of the hospital itself are, but I’d assume that may have shifted as well.

  4. has a link to the new plans. Here’s a pic:

    The new St. Luke’s will be two stories taller. Design otherwise is not changed much. The 220 car garage lets out cars across the Valencia bike path just after bikes cross Cesar Chavez. (There is another entrance/exit onto Cesar Chavez. A safer plan would have cars enter on Valencia and exit on Cesar Chavez, or just one entrance/exit on Cesar Chavez (though eventually Cesar Chavez will have bike paths as well).

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