This Is the Most Expensive Home For Sale in Bernal Heights

347MullenOur real estate-obsessed friends at the excellent CurbedSF blog call our attention to this newly renovated home on Mullen that has just hit the market:

In 2008, 347 Mullen was just a vacant lot. It sold for $399K and plans were drawn up for a big house to be built. Shoot forward to today and said house is above and asking $1,695,000, which means it’s the most expensive home currently for sale in Bernal Heights. The 4-bed, 3.5-bath, 3,000 sq. ft. single-family home was completed in 2011. From the listing we learn that the “location is in the secret balmy banana belt of coveted Bernal Heights,” so there’s that.


21 thoughts on “This Is the Most Expensive Home For Sale in Bernal Heights

  1. re: Neighborhood slideshow… the Martha Bros. shot is of the southern Noe location, not the one on Cortland. Really, now.

    • It looks very much like three different people got into an argument about what sort of house to build. They could not come to agreement and each starting building a different house. When the three collided, the just stopped.

      I am sure that this must be what happened.

      • It doesn’t look like that at all. It’s a large house that, instead of being one monstrously large structure, is broken up into 3 small aesthetically pleasing components.

  2. The outside looks amazing, but the inside. Yuck. It looks like a badly done hotel. No warmth at all and the finishes are blech. Robin egg blue? And the bathroom tile? Call me a hater, but I also hate the kitchen cabinets. We have those at work. They open upwards. Horrible. You have to hold it with one hand and then use the other to take things out and in.

  3. Given the commission coming their way, you’d think the realtors might have been a little less sloppy in pulling together their description of the neighborhood… Cortland Street, down home Skip’s Tavern, an neighborhood congenial…

    Bernal Heights

    On the site of a former cow pasture and dairy sits Bernal Heights, one of the last neighborhoods to be “discovered” in San Francisco. Bernal and its stock of smaller Victorians offers great views of the city looking north, sunny weather, and a family oriented neighborhood that is slowly transforming from its blue-collar roots to an neighborhood congenial to artists, political progressives and professionals who enjoy the homey lifestyle of Bernal.

    Bernal is bounded by two parks. The largest is the undeveloped open space Bernal Heights, beloved of dog walkers and makeshift soap box derby racers who host an underground race down the curving closed roads. At the foot of Bernal, Precita Park offers families with young children a playground and large expanse of mown grass to romp around in.

    The retail center of Bernal Heights can be found along Cortland Street. Small, funky one-of-a-kind boutiques, bookstores, and gift shops are interspersed with ethnic restaurants that on a single block can range from French to Nepali to Salvadoran cuisine.

    Local bars include neighborhood favorite, El Rio, and its lineup of neo-country bands, Wild Side West and its fireplace, and the down home Skip’s Tavern. Bernal Heights is bounded by Mission Street along its Western edge, which provides MUNI bus service, and within walking distance, a BART station at 24th and Mission.

    • Bounded by two parks? If you are going to pick two parks that bound the nabe then pick the two furthest from each other – Precita and St. Mary’s Park or at least Holly Park.

  4. I liked the 8 burner stove. Maybe 8 folks can come up with $40,000 each and then their rent would be less than $1,000 a month. A fancy folks commune….. 😀

  5. Actually, the house is a fun sort of layout when inside. I teach the owner’s two children piano lessons, and I like the family very much. I didn’t know they’d put it up for sale. When it isn’t all cleaned up for ‘for sale’ shots it looks a lot more like a regular house. Some of the work was not done on the interior last time I was there, though.

  6. Whoa! Hot Tub on the 3rd floor deck, with views to the Bay? Surrounded by the cedar siding and outdoor speakers…that’s Bernalhood for you!

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