Simone and Haley: A Bernal Heights Love Story

This video about a glamorous pair of lovers was shot and edited in Bernal Heights, and it is all kinds of awesome:

Simone and Haley, both artists, met and fell in love in San Francisco. When they’re not making art about their own passionate love story (which they do quite often), they make films about other people.

Save the date and watch your mailboxes, people… I’m sure we’re all invited.

11 thoughts on “Simone and Haley: A Bernal Heights Love Story

    • No. Please don’t bring your kids. They’ll just stick their hands in food I want to eat. I’ll be the one pushing a stroller. Paradox? No. Not quite. More like a poor mans shopping cart. Weddings make the fabulous food banks.

  1. I sure hope Simone and Haley knew you were posting this ahead of time. (And agreed to having half of Bernal Heights see it.) It was all fun and games until the end, when the actual save-the-date business made me feel obnoxiously snoopy and snoopily obnoxious; that makes the video seem pretty private and personal.

    That being said, very cute, very cool. And congratulations to the happy couple.

  2. So awesome! AND they are getting married on my parents’ wedding anniversary. My parents are still happily married 45 years later, so this is auspicious.

  3. Thanks for posting! Yes, Shane, despite the fact that we used this as our Save the Date we also just wanted to share it with the world. Now I’m just waiting for the moment we get recognized on Bernal hill… 🙂

    Regina, of course your kids are invited. Can they cook? We need some more help in the kitchen.

    SER – very auspicious!!

    And thanks for all the congrats, neighbors!

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