Meet the Gentleman Who Allegedly Mugged Your Neighbors


This is Thomas Sagaiga. He is 18, and from South San Francisco. Along with two accomplices — Jeremiah Ieremia, 22, of South San Francisco, and a 16 year-old from San Francisco whose name has not been released because he is a minor — Mr. Sagaiga was arrested on Tuesday night after a crime spree during which he allegedly mugged three victims on Bocana near Cortland in Bernal Heights.

According to the Bayview Station crime blotter, here’s how Mr. Sagaiga and his associates spent their evening:

Armed Robbery Arrest:
On January 29th at 7:30 pm, a 37 year old victim was robbed at Bacon and Girard. The victim told the responding officers that he was approached by three suspects as he walked home. One of the suspects pointed a gun at him as the other two stripped him of his coat and removed his wallet and smart phone from his pockets. The suspects then fled on foot. The officers searched the area but were unable to locate the suspects that evening.

On the same night at 7:30 pm, three 18 year old victims were robbed in the area of Silver and Girard. The victims told the officers that they had been walking in the area when three suspects approached them. One of the suspects was armed with a gun and ordered the victims against the wall. The other suspects then went through the victims’ pockets, stealing their bags, wallets, and smart phones. The suspect descriptions that the victims provided matched those of the earlier robbery on Bacon and Girard. The officers searched the area but were still unable to locate the suspects.

A short time later at 8:50 pm, several people were robbed at gunpoint in the Ingleside district in the area of Cortland and Bocana. In this robbery, three suspects were similarly described as in the two above mentioned robberies, with one brandishing a gun. The suspects stole wallets, smart phones, a laptop, and other electronics from the victims. This time, there was a suspect vehicle description provided to the officers. One of the officers was able to track one of the stolen smart phones via GPS to the area of 7th and Market, a location where stolen property is frequently hawked. This information was broadcast to Southern District and Tenderloin District officers.

Several minutes later, the suspect vehicle was spotted at 7th and Harrison by a Tenderloin unit. An attempt to stop the car resulted in a pursuit. The vehicle fled through the streets and onto the freeway, where the chase finally came to an end when the suspect vehicle became involved in a collision on southbound Highway 101 at the South San Francisco exit. All three passengers were positively identified and placed under arrest. Stolen items from all three above mentioned robberies were located inside their car. The two adult suspects were booked on multiple counts of robbery, conspiracy, aggravated assault, possession of stolen property as well as other charges at County Jail. The 16 year old juvenile suspect was booked on similar charges at the Juvenile Justice Center. (SFPD Case No. 130083162, 130083015, 130083300)

Okay, so it’s not the most cinematic description, but it definitely tells the tale.

One fabulous detail that goes unmentioned, for example, is how exactly the stolen iPhone was tracked by the SFPD . One of Tuesday night’s mugging victims tells Bernalwood what transpired:

We got lucky and had a Bayview cop who happened to be down at Alemany who responded in a few minutes. [SFPD Officer Guzman from the Bayshore Station] got on his iPad and started tracking my iPhone. The got a hit on it and located the car. […] Officer Guzman used his personal iPad that he bought with his own money (no budget to distribute these) to track down the suspects.

Woa. The officer caught the criminals by making timely use of his personal iPad. Absolutely brilliant.

A suggestion: Let’s begin a collection to buy Officer Guzman a brand-new iPad Mini, compliments of the Citizens of Bernalwood. Dude totally earned it.

HAT TIP: Michael Aldax from the SF Examiner; PHOTO: Thomas Sagaiga, via Facebook. 

81 thoughts on “Meet the Gentleman Who Allegedly Mugged Your Neighbors

  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Officer Guzman’s wife, Officer Castillo, at the community meeting. She’s an Ingleside officer (keeping it in the family!) and bought the iPad for her husband as a Christmas present. The gift that keeps on giving…

    I also spent much of yesterday showing people how to make sure Find My iPhone is activated on their phones. Open the Settings app, select iCloud, and make sure that Find My iPhone is turned on. That’s it!

    • Im not too sure why the article states that one of the robberies happened in the ingleside district, because i was born and raised and Still reside there. Cortland and Bocana is nowhere near. But anyways, I am really happy that the police were able to catch these creeps.

  2. Hardly a gentleman. Thanks for all the posts. My wife and I follow the latest Bernalwood postings with an obsession. It’s like you’re our hometown newspaper. Keep up the great work.

  3. oh boy! this is so neat! the gun wagging evildoers were caught by an ifone. i’ll just rush out and get one, wait to be pistol whipped, and then use my ‘find my ifone feature’. i can hardly wait. i am really tired of this ongoing ifone commercial. i guess it makes said owners feel like they made the capture by proxy with their little toy. take this. best bet is have california pass a ‘right to carry a concealed weapon’. crimes like we’ve been having would drop like a hot rock. you think these thugs want to get hurt? check the crime stats on states that have passed these laws. have a nice day!

      • Myth: Concealed carry laws increase crime

        Fact: Thirty-nine states, comprising the majority of the American population, are”right-to-carry” states. Statistics show that in these states the crime rate fell (or did not rise) after the right-to-carry law became active (as of July, 2006). Nine states restrict the right to carry and two deny it outright.
        Fact: Crime rates involving gun owners with carry permits have consistently been about 0.02% of all carry permit holders since Florida’s right-to-carry law started in 1988.
        Fact: After passing their concealed carry law, Florida’s homicide rate fell from 36% above the national average to 4% below, and remains below the national average (as of the last reporting period, 2005).
        Fact: In Texas, murder rates fell 50% faster than the national average in the year after their concealed carry law passed. Rape rates fell 93% faster in the first year after enactment, and 500% faster in the second. Assaults fell 250% faster in the second year.
        Fact: More to the point, crime is significantly higher in states without right-to-carry laws
        Fact: States that disallow concealed carry have violent crime rates 11% higher than national averages.
        Fact: Deaths and injuries from mass public shootings fall dramatically after right-to-carry concealed handgun laws are enacted. Between 1977 and 1995, the average death rate from mass shootings plummeted by up to 91% after such laws went into effect, and injuries dropped by over 80%.

    • Hey “LetsGetReal,” why don’t you follow your own advice? Check the crime stats on, for example, Kansas City and Saint Louis, MO, which allow for concealed carry. Their violent crime stats are off the charts. Several other cities w/concealed carry allowance also are in the nation’s top tier of violent crime rates in this country. One can check out violent, and other crime rates, for many U.S. cities at:

  4. BERNALWOOD, Et Al, Thanks for following this story to (hopefully) the end of the line. I like the donation idea, but as several officers and units were involved, how about we make a donation that expands focus? We could check with contacts at Ingleside Station to see if they have any suggestions, or there is the Police Athletic League — they do a lot for the ‘hood and maybe even provide some diversion and direction for the next kids on the edge of trouble.

    • Yes, thank you, some common sense, a response rooted in community, instead of personal focus. Glad you’re in the world John!

  5. Hey, wait a minute…. in nearly all accounts of prior muggings, the suspects were described as black. This guy ain’t black. So either there’s another gang of bandits still on the loose, or people being mugged automatically perceived their attackers as black. Both possibilities are troubling.

      • Why does anyone assume he wants a duplicate iPad? Goodness grief. Much better would be a “readers of bernalwood” cash bonus gift, or a donation to the charity of his choice instead. IPad sounds like a total waste of $.

    • I think i will hold on to my 10 bucks they make pleanty of $$ The current annual entry-level salary for Police Officers is: $88,842 to $112,164 and thats without overtime ! If they need an iPad they have the money for it !

  6. Are you sure that’s the right “Thomas Sagaiga?” Facebook shows two profiles in SF; one from where it looks like you got this image, and another, more nefarious-looking character who likes to pose with his gun and his two friends making gang signs: Maybe a recent victim will recognize the weapon or the face? Just want to make sure you avoid another Adam/Ryan Lanza snafu.

  7. In case someone is actually considering formalizing the iPads for our officers fund, I would be more than willing to contribute. Just FYI.

      • excellent, we are down for that…duh! Husband saw it in action first hand the devices did their job!
        Just a side note…let’s not split hairs on ethnicity anymore. It is dark, they have hoodies on (FOR THE PURPOSE OF YOU NOT BEING ABLE TO TELL WHAT ETHNICITY THEY ARE!!) they are dark skinned. Today’s lovely culture is such a blend, it is impossible to know what everyone is, we are all mutts. These guys are Samoan…NOW WE KNOW! Leave this race crap out of it. Let’s go with color of SHOES, height, build, clothing and light or dark skinned fair enough?!?

  8. I don’t think I’m over-generalizing by stating that there is a collective “sigh” emanating from Bernal over the last 24 hours.

    Extreme satisfaction…
    1. the likely perps have ALL been arrested,
    2. the neighborhood showed its true Bernal-ness and came together as a collective,
    3. the police stepped up, and
    4. technology played a significant role

    But in addition, I sigh because we can get caught up sometimes in political correctness. I would hope sincerely, that no one is intentionally trying to mis-identify persons or anything of the like. But when it’s dark + you are confronted by strangers + weapons are in play, and you need to describe what you saw and what happened, do we really need to concern ourselves with being PC? So it may be that the alleged perps are not African-American, but may be from Samoa. Could you tell the difference between someone who is Chinese vs Japanese vs Korean? I sometimes can’t, and I’m Chinese. Put a hoodie on that Asian, waving a gun, in the dark, and you’d be lucky if I could rail off a 50% accurate description, short of “it was a human, and it made me pee my pants”.

    Anyway, I’d also like to contribute to the technology fund. I would volunteer to acquire it too, if I could get suggestions on how to organize this logistically…that is, if you trust this this non-white, non-male person!

    • Well said, Joyce! Posters who just can’t wait to pounce on a person who says something that slightly generalizes or misidentifies ethnicity (especially when that person just went through a traumatic experience) make me sigh too.

      • Absonot, read again and sigh all you want. Nobody suggests the victims are at fault for imperfect descriptions. Others HAVE advised confrontation of individuals who fit the reported profile – the RACIAL profile – of the assailants. What you call “slightly generalizes” is enough for some folks (not you while you sigh, not me as I do the same) to take matters – and the wrong people – into their own hands. Peace.

  9. How about a public beheading in Bernal, then their heads are put on pikes, illuminated by torches, with a sign saying “This is what happens to thieves” ?

    • Disgusting and uncivil suggestion this is not the middle ages, so I assume you are mocking the angry victims of these men.

      Jail should be fine.

      Ideally – if they are truly guilty of living this way, they would know themselves, do the upright thing, and quietly end their own lives which are a drag on their community. Be men.

      • Challenger, thank god you are here to suggest civility and to show us poor folk caught in the middle ages to take the high road! I mean, nothing screams class act like suggesting someone kill themselves.

        Unbelievable. SMH.

      • It would be really nice to post large photos of the perps looking unhappy in jail. Maybe with the caption, “No, you won’t get away with it.” If we can somehow make criminals look stupid and weak, the wanna be criminals may think twice about their decisions.

  10. They should train SFPD central dispatch to track iphones (all they need is the victim’s login). Then they can direct squad cars to the location, like a virtual LA-style helicopter chase.

  11. My guess, is that the loser punk in this pic is letting all of us concerned, committed, and caring Bernal folk that we’re Number 1 in fighting crime within their community! Am I right? I think this story is one of the BEST stories I’ve read so far in 2013! I live in Bernal, I attended last night’s safety meeting, along with other people from several nearby districts (yes, I was one of the lucky ones that got in) and I gotta say…sometimes living in this big, crazy city can really get to me, but last night, looking around, hearing the comments, seeing the support, and genuine concern in everyone there, really made me proud to live in such a caring community. And…although I walked outta there, with the knowledge that I must be more aware of my surroundings, I held my head up extra high, knowing that the Bernal folks got my back! Thanks! and remember….just cause this loser was caught, doesn’t mean we let our guard down. Continue to follow the all the advice that was given last night. P.S. I’m in also for donating some money towards the mini Ipad, just let me know how, and where

    • Plucked my heartstrings, this one. Nothing is simple or clear cut. He even says in one of his RIP postings for a friend/relative named Henry, I know you’re holding a spot for me there. The only way a mixed up kid can commit these crimes is by dehumanizing us. Let’s try to keep him and his friends human – dangerous and violent and to-be-avoided-at-all-costs, but still human.

  12. From his timeline January 11… “To all my niggaz dat i aint contacted. know dat dem fgaggot ass red n blues gt ma phone n I love y’all Niggaz. They could have da phone bt they cut have me. #realnigga #freemyniggaz #teamheem” wow…doesn’t seem to be the sharpest knife in the drawer eh? I feel bad for all the victims in the recent muggings; it must be an uphill climb to have to rebuild the elements of your life and to deal with the trauma of being a victim of violent crime. But I also feel kinda bad (stress on kinda) for this kid…wonder if he can turn his life around after prison. What are the odds?

  13. OT? => Moving to a rural county is your best current chance at a CCW in this state, where you just have to qualify with the Sheriff. Our esteemed Gov — who’s always previously gotten the vote of this unarmed lefty — has made open carry illegal. He’s an attorney, former AG, and he defies the Second Amendment. That’s my fair non-libelous comment and it’s free speech under the First Amendment, if that still applies here.

  14. btw…please don’t relax your guard. No sooner had the meeting ended last night, there was a 211 in progress on Mission and 30th. ADAM 12 ADAM 12 – this crime spree ain’t over!

  15. I’m all for a technology fund to help officers and it may be a better use of our goodwill funds and technology savvy to try to raise funds for all the officers who don’t have iPads and gift those with a class on how to track. Raises their case closed percentages and has a lasting impact. May even be a model for other districts. If this effort is put forward I believe Bernalwood citizens and businesses would step up to the plate in a big way. As always thanks to Todd for his great coverage of our home!

  16. great bernalwood reporting/community updating/involvement/connection. very sad/frightening about these guys: on facebook you can see they’re cousins, they have relatives/peers/ gangmembers who are incarcerated or have been killed, and that their photos/social networking seems to be primarily focused on thug posturing/violence/hooch/weed

  17. Great police work and community organizing. I am happy to contribute to a police gift fund. Thanks to Bernalwood as well. Very proud to be part of such a great neighborhood.

  18. For those who are not interested in donating to a technology fund, no problem. It’s certainly not obligatory. Keep your money and none will be the wiser. Instead, you simply do yourself a disservice by commenting.

    • Will excuse me Miss Joyce ” you do yourself a disservice by commenting ” The last time I checked we have the freedom to speak ! Just think if the SFDP makes $88,842 to $112,164 a year to start they can buy an iPad if needed ! I would have no problem donnating 10 bucks to the people who were mugged and did not get back there phones,purse, walllets etc..

      • You certainly have the freedom to speak, i just don’t understand why you do. Put your money where your mouth is and reach out to the people who were mugged. Feel free to write a post!

      • I dont understand why you wish to give a duplicate gift/ iPad ? He alrady has one ! Think outside the box honey !

      • JayJay, I know there’s a lot of comments to read but the proposal for a gift for Officer Guzman – for people who WANT to do it – wasn’t to get him a duplicate of the iPad he has and used but, as a token of appreciation, to get him one of the new Mini iPads. People want to be nice to him – and it’s cool you want to help out the folks who got robbed too. It’s more about Heart than box-thinking, right?

      • Do you give gifts based on a person’s income? Maybe I do Miss Thing ! But i sure and hell dont give a gift to someone if they have the same thing already !

  19. Whenever I hear about young people committing harsh crimes (this guy is just 18, and another of the 3 perps is a minor), I wonder about their history and legacy at school, and what their parent(s) did to address the red flags and warning signs as they grew up. If the parent(s) showed an awareness and concern, and made real attempts at addressing the problems, then so be it, that’s their duty to community. It doesn’t guarantee the kids will be law abiding, but at least the parent(s) tried their best to guide their child. But if the parent(s) did not address the warnings and errant behavior(s) demonstrated by their child, I think we as a community should hold the parents accountable some how. The message must be that child rearing is a hard job, and comes with responsibilities. I seriously doubt that this 18 year old youth suddenly began his criminal ways once he turned 18. I want to know what his parent(s) did to teach him right from wrong. It takes a village indeed, but it starts at home.

    • well here’s my reply and final word on the tragic end to this gun wagging would be murderer. he is the logical outcome and result of what we’ve created. his family often has little chance to ‘raise’ him in any normal way. the romanticiziation and glamorizing of the gangster/thug is constantly held up to young people as something to emulate. the music, lyrics, videos, and constant barrage of it by the totality of the entertainment industry leave many young people with nowhere to go but down. look at his facebook pages. but I forget, the media really doesn’t influence people. they know it’s just fantasy. that’s why a company will pay 10 million dollars for a 30 second ad on superbowl sunday. because the media really doesn’t have any effect on people….
      i’ll call it ‘the media’ to keep this shorter. the producers of all this creative ‘art’ are out for the $$$ regardless of the effects on our social structure. they hold a ‘gun’ on us all and say “just give me the money” they are the ones who live in the gated communities. the kids like thomas and young people that are destroyed, live in a society that glorifies hate, death, lack of respect for one another, and so on. it’s probably way too late for him. he did the crime and now justice requires that he is punished.
      we show them that morality is entirely relative. the family is hanging by a thread that is fast unraveling. you make your own rules, right? you want to kill your baby in the womb, you can kill it. our culture of death dictates what was once the safest of places, a mother’s womb, is now a kill zone predicated on ‘choice’. you decide what and who you will be, etc., and live life as you see fit. we are all little tin gods unto ourselves and answerable to no one. we are awash in internet pornography of the vilest nature under the guise of ‘free speech’. what kind of trickbag is this? the numbers on internet porn addictions are phenomenal. what kind of a child can weather these type of storms? they are inundated with the objectification and a lack of respect for humanity everywhere they turn. people are simply ‘things’.
      and all they hear from the adults is mantra about ‘tolerance’ (i.e. don’t criticize anyones ‘choices’), like it’s the greatest virtue of all. so just keep bringing on an on and on. i’ve heard arguments where a person accused of ‘intolerance’ is reduced to a position worse than a killer. look at the facebook page for this guy and read the ‘right kind of racism’ that he has been taught to spew forth.
      the police have left us on our own? no. we have left ourselves on our own. we’ve made it very clear that is what we want it. the police have been reduced to schoolyard referees by the upsidedown laws and restrictions placed on them. if they say anything about anything someone will take issue with it and cause them some new kind of grief.. no wonder they are ‘still doing the paperwork’, no comment, thank you very much. one comment and fifty would be ‘do-gooders’ climb out of the woodwork and criticize, belittle and find 10 lawyers to sue them. if they actually said anything as far as helpful advice at the meeting someone would accuse them of some gigantic missstep, create a ‘liability’ issue and get the cop fired, sued, and run out of town. dig it? i think we are all ‘going down’ as per the tune by freddy king, and it’s too late to turn things around. i’ll just keep my big feet up on the window and my head down on the ground. it’s time to go back to our empty churches.

  20. Please don’t use the word “gentleman” in such an article. This violent thief doesn’t meet any criteria I’ve heard of for that word.

  21. any officer who risks his or her personal ipad for our community’s benefit deserves to be recognized individually. i appreciate all the good work done by and for our community, but officer guzman, by definition, went beyond his prescribed call of duty by using his own (costly) technology. thank you officer guzman!

    i will happily contribute to a fund that allows officer guzman to continue fighting crime without risking his personal ipad. along the same lines, let’s start a similar fund for todd, who’s efforts keep us informed (and thus safer!) and entertained!

  22. Pingback: Good Samaritan Flags Hazardous Piles of Dog Doo on Cortland | Bernalwood

  23. Instead of buying the officer something we don’t know he wants or needs, I suggest contacting the Bayview PD and nominating officer Guzman for an award. Recognition amongst his peers is something he will likely appreciate.

    • Felony Assault and Armed robbery. Felony hit and run. Evading police. Possession of stolen property.

      Pretty sure the guys over 18 will be getting a little more than a few months.

  24. I was carjacked at gunpoint 10 years ago and the DA declined tp prosecute, cited lack of evidence, in spite of having video, coopertive witness, extensive police report and catching the jacker in the act of stripping car 10 blocks from the incident, with my wallet & cell phone in his pockets.

    • I had the same thought when I read about that last year, but then forgot about it until this recent incident with an eerily familiar M.O. (though could be unrelated). This is from the Ingleside station blotter (

      Incident Date: Friday, February 26th, 2016
      Serious Incidents:

      6:56pm Jarboe/Ellsworth Robbery w/Gun
      A man and woman driving down the street were the victims of a violent robbery. The two told Ingleside Officers Alday and Tom they were driving down the street approaching the intersection of Jarboe and Ellsworth when two men suddenly jumped out in front of their truck, from between parked cars, and pointed a weapon at them. The driver stopped his truck as one of the men, holding a handgun, opened the driver’s door and shouted, “Give me everything or I’m going to kill you”. The driver tried to turn away from the suspect and shield his face but the suspect struck the victim several times in the face and then removed the driver’s wallet and cell phone from the center console and the truck’s ignition key. The suspect also stole the second occupant’s purse. The suspects then fled in an unknown direction. The male victim was treated at the scene by emergency medical personnel. Report number: 160169180

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