Wednesday: Attend the Community Safety Meeting with a SFPD Captain and Three City Supervisors


Tomorrow night, Wednesday January 30th, at 6pm, the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center will host a Community Safety Forum to discuss the recent wave of strong-arm robberies in Bernal Heights and surrounding neighborhoods.

An all-star cast of City officials will be in attendance, including SPPD Ingleside Captain Timothy Falvey, D9 Supervisor David Campos, D11 Supervisor John Avalos, and D8 Supervisor Scott Wiener. All Citizens of Bernalwood are strongly encouraged to attend.

In a letter to the public released yesterday, Captain Falvey provided a summary of the SFPD’s response to the crime wave, and an update on arrests and investigations:

I have received numerous emails from the community about this increase in robberies in the Bernal Heights neighborhood. I want to assure you that the members of the San Francisco Police Department’s number one priority is the prevention of violent crime. We do this through many avenues.

We have increased our enforcement efforts in the areas affected by this increase in robberies. We have done this by increased uniform patrol, plain clothes operations, and have received assistance from other units of the San Francisco Police Department. We are deploying members of our Violence Reduction Team, Muni Task Force, and increased traffic enforcement in this corridor.

We have recently made an arrest in a violent robbery. Our investigators are following up with the prior crime victims to determine if this suspect was responsible for any of the other crimes in our district.

Also in response to the this recent rise in robberies, members of Ingleside Station, and particularly the beat officers on Cortland Avenue, have been handing out crime alert notices to the public to advise them of the public safety issue and been posting notices with the merchants along that corridor. Our aim here is to alert the public and educate them on ways to avoid some of the behaviors that criminals prey upon. On our website,, we have posted several flyers with crime safety tips.

Of particular concern to us is the frequency with which we encounter persons fixated on their iPhones and other electronic devices, rather than being aware of their surroundings. Many of our suspects target these valuable items.

I will be speaking at a community meeting on Wednesday, January 30, 2013. The meeting is at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center (515 Cortland Avenue) at 6:00 PM. There, I will discuss these robberies and any other public safety concerns raised by the public.

Thank you again for your email. Please know that the men and women of Ingleside Station are committed to your safety and we continue working tirelessly to prevent violent crime in your neighborhood.


Captain Timothy Falvey #1071
Ingleside Station

Wednesday. 1/30. 6 pm. At the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center on Cortland.

Be there.

36 thoughts on “Wednesday: Attend the Community Safety Meeting with a SFPD Captain and Three City Supervisors

  1. Wow. Three sups in attendance and our Ingleside police captin?! What an impressive line up. Way to go Bernal. Our neighborhood organizing and proactivity looks to seriously be paying off. At least we know that our big wigs are aware of our dilemma here. Looking forward to tomorrow’s meeting. Nicely done people.

    • Oh boy so do I!! If one digs at all into my blog, you will see that the “new” SF is really freaking me out with their snooty ass attitudes and FEAR of ANYTHING different from them and more than that, loathing of anyone who isnt pulling in 6 figures. It is not the SF i have known for my whole life. However, in bernal, The true old school SF exists! It was random fate that i ended up here in bernal from living 15 years in NOPA. It turned out to be just the right move just in time! Now i would NOT want to be in NOPA because it has been flooded with the “new hip” crowd. I will take the diversity and community of Bernal ANY DAY!! So glad to be a part of this community. You all are AWESOME!!

  2. 1. Will they have an armed escort to leave down Cortland afterward?
    2. Appreciate the response, but tired of blaming the victim here. I guess ladies shouldn’t wear short skirts or makeup either.

  3. I agree duderedman. And for the record I was not on a phone or iPod when I was mugged and I’ve never even owned a smartphone. I was actually very alert and aware of my surroundings due to the recent attempted rape in the mission. Not much more you can really do to be aware when your attackers are hiding behind trees.

  4. 9pm just 30 mins ago, my husband, and two neighbors were robbed by 2 of them at gunpoint at Chucks on the corner of Cortland and Bocana. One neighbor resisted and was pistol whipped, he is ok..police came almost imediately, they must have robbed another as they took off and now all 3 are going down to the station to ID the A**holes. MAYBE they have all been caught now and this nightmare is over, I just cannot believe my husband was the latest. I hope this is good news..willl post later when I hear what happened at the station. They were 2 black youths, wearing a black hoody and a grey hoody.
    SHaken on Bocana…

    • I saw everyone outside of Chuck’s just after 9:00. And where do I get the story first? Bernalwood! Hope they got those guys this time!

    • it looks likethese goons pulled a hit and run on richland avenue after fleeing chuck’s at cortland and bocana. two parked cars were hit by an out of control speeding car going downhill at richland near murray. one car was bounced off of and the other hit severely and knocked 6 feet forward and three feet onto the sidewalk with tons of rear end damage and a badly bent wheel axel. some neighbors said it looked like a silver/grey toyota ? pulled the hit and run. the car owners want these dbag lowlife clowns brought to justice and put in prison for felony hit and run added to whatever other crimes they committed tonight.

  5. So completely horrifying, Jean and everyone else. So sorry, too. Praying this will be the last of these muggings. Unreal.

    About the iphones and the comparison to women wearing short skirts, I think the point here isn’t that we SHOULDN’T be able to talk on our phones or wear whatever the hell we want whenever we want, it’s that we also have to be smart and vigilant. Our neighborhood gets targeted because we’re perceived of as relatively affluent and anyone out on the street an easy smartphone or computer or cash hit. That being the case, at least while we’re under siege, it’s just basic good sense to exercise extra caution and not have our valuables, i.e., iphones, in plain sight. ESPECIALLY if they’re going to distract us and keep us from being on our toes.

    Even if these recent muggings had nothing to do with people on iphones, if the cops are telling us we’re targets because of our “stuff,” isn’t it better not to advertise our stuff if we don’t have to?

  6. thanks Caroline…a mugging is always after something valuable, whether you can see it or not. My husband was probably a target cause he had his work bag over his shoulder, but how are you supposed to transport work stuff back and forth…the blatant on your phone is asking for it these days. Just last night I made sure he had tracking and wiping capabilities on all his electronics..of course they turned off the wifi immediately. But sounds like they got them. Now do I worry about backlash cause they probably passed the stuff off in the interim and have our address etc..

    • Well, Jean, I’d certainly get my locks changed, but I probably didn’t need to tell you that. So, so sorry this happened to your husband. I hope you’re both alright. I also hope you will let your neighbors know if there’s anything we can do to help. I live on Wool and Eugenia and my partner was out walking the dog when your husband was mugged. She was just a block or two away. Crazy. We no longer let our 13-year-old run down to Good Life for provisions, even at 5:30 PM, because it doesn’t seem safe. This has GOT to stop.

  7. All who have been victimized, please take the time to contact the police to find out if these are the men who accosted you. If they are, press charges. This will take courage, but it is needed to stop the problem so that others don’t have to go through what you have. Each one of these muggings leaves scars that often last decades.

  8. What a scary thing – I’m so sorry. Great that SFPD may have the culprits.

    Kudos to Bernalwood.

    Caroline – As always from you, absolutely savvy and correct. I don’t believe that ANYONE os blaming the victims of these robberies, least of all blaming you, Sasha. Folks are simply makig suggestions on ow to reduce our chances of being mugged. The only overall answer is just what we are all doing, and what has done so many times in its history on this and other threats – respond collectively, as a community. If someone wants to increase their chances of getting mugged by committing the politicly right on act of speaking on their cell phone on the street, that’s their decision. Anyone with any sense won’t, and will 1) attend the community safety meeting WED night at pm at 515 Cortland; 2) be more careful when they’re on the street; 3) join or start a SAFE block organization; and 4) stay involved with this overall neighborhood safety effort.

  9. Caroline -Thankfully we switched to keypad and keys! wow, they must have run right past her! I take it she just missed them..thankfully!

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  12. wow, 2am..just got a call. ALL items stolen from the mugging tonight were retrieved in the perps getaway car that was involved in the crash and high speed chase on 101. Except my husband’s Italian 101 book. Trying to bring levity here…they were the ones who committed the crime at 9pm this evening. Apparently tonight was a very busy crime night, so more answers to come tonight at the meeting, but there could be others, but these guys fit the description of the recent brazen muggings by gun point in Bernal.

  13. Glad these perpetrators were caught and stay in prison for a very long time. But we can’t let our viligence down. They may not be the only individuals involved in this scheme.

  14. It’s great that the perps seem to have been caught. As this is San Francisco though I want to try to take care to follow these guys through the system and make sure the punishment meets any crime(s) they admit to or are found guilty of.

    I’m putting in FOIA requests to the cops for their personal details and try to find out their history. If they were on probation or parole who made the decision to let them out? Was it it a correct decision?

    I’ll look to identify court dates and make sure prosecutors and the court are aware of the full impact their criminality had right accross the community. Not just on the poor victims but on everyone else who has changed the behavior to protect themselves and their families because of this gang.

    Basically I don’t want prosecutors plea’ing these people down for cheap and a court rubber-stamping it without being aware that this was quite exceptional criminal activity.

    I’ll want to find a named prosecutor who is going to be accountable for this case.

    Congrats to the cops. Sympathies to the victims. Thanks to the community. Screw you to the perps.

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  16. The Beat Patrolmen were advising Bernalwood citizens that the perps were captured but we still need to be vigilant, i.e., license numbers, etc., in case this happens again…

    The meeting last night was exceedingly well -attended . The Captain Falvey, The Sisters of Perpetual, and the Supervisors all had relevant, informative and useful things to say. Since there wee so many people , it took at least until 6:20 to get everyone settled in the BHNC community room. After the remarks from the BHJNC staff, there was little time left. Dozens of people filled out the yellow slips with specific and general questions for the panel. Most people in the audience , while appreciating the effort made to stage the gathering, were frustrated and disappointed that less than 25 minutes was allotted to the question and answer period. Why bother gatjhering everyone together and then end it so abruptly?

  18. My car got broken into last night in front of my builiding – all for a 10 year old CD player. It was either done for sport or these guys were desperate. This happened at the end of Folsom St on the Precita Park side of Bernal.

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