Celebrate (and Eat) at Cat Head’s BBQ’s First Anniversary Party



Bernalwood believes it’s important to support our Bernal merchants — even when Bernal merchants aren’t in Bernal Heights.

For example, did you know that CatHead’s BBQ on Folsom Street (at Division) in SoMa is Bernal-owned and operated? So. Way. True. Neighbors Richard and Pam live on Winfield, and CatHead is their pride and joy. The restaurant will celebrate its first anniversary on Saturday, and Neighbor Richard wants to extend an invitation to Bernal Heights:

January 2013 marks the 1st year anniversary for CatHead’s BBQ. My wife Pam & I remember the first day like it was yesterday. We didn’t know what to expect with being the replacement for Big Nates BBQ. When we opened, we were immediately surprised by the love from our new customers and neighborhood. We knew that we had something special.

To put our year into perspective, we have made over 10,000 CatHead Biscuits, 35,000 mini CatHead Biscuits, 5 tons of Coca-Cola Smoked Brisket and 5100 Slabs of Ribs.

CatHead’s BBQ would like to commemorate this occasion by throwing a customer appreciation party on Saturday January 26th. The event starts at noon and goes till 5pm.

We will be giving away sliders and prizes throughout the day. Also, we will be introducing the CatHead’s BBQ Biscuit Challenge, where participants will give it their best to become an official “biscuiteater”. The Challenge starts at 3pm. Come by the restaurant to sign up before the 26th — we only have a few more slots open.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday January 26th.

PS: Let’s create a list! Know of any other glamorous Bernal-owned businesses around San Francisco? Tell us about them in the comments, or via email at <bernalwood *at* gmail dotcom>. Don’t forget to include the proprietors’ first names, and what street you/they live on in Bernal Heights.

PHOTOS: Top, Cat Head’s Coca Cola-smoked brisket and hot slaw. Photo via SFWeekly. Below, Neighbors Pam and Richard, as seen in a mirror at Cat Head’s BBQ, via EP Building

7 thoughts on “Celebrate (and Eat) at Cat Head’s BBQ’s First Anniversary Party

  1. This is so cool to know. We really wanted Richard to win when he competed on the TV show “Chopped” for their “Grilltastic” episode. He made it to the final dessert round, but was just edged out. Congrats on the anniversary and here’s to many more!

  2. Huh, I pass that place on my way home from work all the time and wondered about it, you’ve given me a reason to stop by and try their “Cornmeal Crusted Tofu with Habanero Slaw” sometime!

  3. I have eaten their food several times without knowing they were from Bernal. Food was great. I’ve had the ribs, brisket and pulled pork. Very very tasty. Tastes even better now that I know they’re from Bernal.

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