Persistent Neighbor Declares Victory in Bus Shelter Quest


There’s a sexxxy new bus shelter on Mission Street at 30th, and you have Neighbor Robert to thank for it:

I forwarded a note to you many months ago, as I was looking for community support ahead of a city permit hearing for a new shelter at Mission & 30th/Inbound.

Well, just wanted to let you know that last Friday morning I turned the corner onto Mission, and there it was, finally! The new bus shelter! Over two years in the belly of the bureaucratic beast, but now it’s a reality! Wavy rain cover, uncomfortable seats, Next-MUNI display; it’s got all the bells and whistles.

Impressive! Non-trivial! Successful! Congrats and thanks to Neighbor Robert for his persistence in making this new bus shelter a reality.

ADDENDUM: In light of Neigbor Robert’s obvious talents, perhaps he might consider rallying to facilitate the construction of the much-coveted 30th Street BART infill station? Just a suggestion.

PHOTO: Neighbor Robert

12 thoughts on “Persistent Neighbor Declares Victory in Bus Shelter Quest

  1. Any hints on who/how to contact for bus shelters at Sutter and Larkin, Post and Larkin, Geary and Larkin, Post and Polk, and Sutter/Sansome?

  2. Man that 30th st Bart station is my dream. One of my medium term plans is to get involved with Bart’s citizen advisory crowd so I can advocate for a Bernal Bart station.

  3. What about advocating for more street lights in the hood as well. In light of all these muggings and crimes as of late, I’m noticing now more than ever how dark our streets are when the sun goes down. I’m writing to SF Utilities Commission, but would love some insight on who to contact.

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