Red Hill Books Closure Sale Underway; Metamorphosis Planned

As you probably heard, Red Hill bookstore on Cortland has announced plans to close. Sort of.

It’s sad, but store isn’t going away entirely; instead, the goal is to execute  a metamorphosis that will transform the thing formerly known as Red Hill Books into something bookish-but-different. Many ideas have been bandied about — including subdividing the space into 331 Cortland-style stores-within-a-store.

Now, according to a new sign posted in the window, a plan is in motion:

Hello Bernal Heights!

Thank you for all your input over the past couple months about our various transition ideas!

We have listened to all the comments and concerns that you have raised, and we have decided to remodel for most of the month of February, and re-open in March as a better book shop – not only a children’s bookstore – offering what you have told us you want! We will have a new name and a new face, with new, remaindered and used books in general categories as well as an expanded childrens’ section.

We will run our sale through Sunday, February 3rd, and will be closed for remodels from February 4th. If anyone would like to help out with painting, sanding, and moving books during this time, we could certainly use the help! Please sign up on the volunteer sheet inside the store (or send us a message).

Thank you so much for all your support!

Red Hill Books

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

7 thoughts on “Red Hill Books Closure Sale Underway; Metamorphosis Planned

  1. Oh wow! Glad to hear they’re coming back as more than a kid’s bookstore! I look forward to shopping there still/again.

  2. Sad to hear the red hill name is going- I like the historic reference to it. Used to live in echo park in LA which also was a “red hill” and thought it was kind of funny to unknowingly move to another. hope it keeps books for big kids too!!

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