Bernal Cutlery Guru Reveals Cutting Board Wisdom

The foodie blog One Fork, One Spoon recently paid a visit to Bernal Cutlery, our artisanal culinary knife shop in the tony 331 Cortland marketplace. Blades were sharpened, and along the way, wisdom was imparted about kitchen cutting board selection strategy:

Considering [Bernal Cutlery owner Josh Donald]  is a knife-obsessed dealer and sharpener, it should come as no surprise that his number one priority when considering a cutting board is protecting the knives that will cut on it. If you share that priority, then a wood cutting board is the way to go. While many government and food safety organizations require the use of plastic cutting boards in commercial kitchens, significant debate exists on the topic. Ultimately, the decision to go with plastic or wood is a matter of personal preference; if you won’t be able to sleep at night without putting your cutting board through the dishwasher, then you should probably get a plastic cutting board and plan on getting your knives sharpened a little more often. Most importantly, unless you have a serious crush on your local knife sharpener, do not use your knives on serving plates or cutting boards made out of glass, marble, super hard or super soft plastics.

If this appeals, there are also many more tips on wood cutting board selection and maintenance.

PHOTO: Bernal Cutlery, by Timmy Malloy

3 thoughts on “Bernal Cutlery Guru Reveals Cutting Board Wisdom

  1. Todd- Excuse me for knowing better than SpellCheck— it’s TONEY not tony. We all want Bernalwood to be as perfect as possible.
    Thanks–4th grade spelling champ

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