4 thoughts on “Lost and Found: Stray Keys Found Outside Stray Bar

  1. OK. I have a little time on my hands this beautiful morning, at least enough to play a round of, “WWSS” about these found keys. (WWSS stands for What Would Sherlock Say). Let’s analyze and see if we can pare down the numbers in aid of finding the true owner of these keys.

    First, and most obviously, the keys belong to a female as not too many dudes have room in their pockets for the mini Eiffel Tower, and all this other stuff. I am not into gender stereotyping, but these keys look like they would be right at home in a purse. (See; half the population eliminated right there.)

    Second, The Eiffel Tower totem; could indicate that maybe the mystery owner is French, a Francophile (or is it Francophone), or recently traveled to or from France. Hmmm.

    Third, Note THREE full sized door keys; this probably indicates a home owner with front, back and garage or alley door keys.

    Fourth, the fourth key (black rubber and steel) is to a car… it looks like a foreign job, possibly of Asian manufacture. I’m willing to guess Honda.

    Fifth. Now it gets interesting. Pepper Spray could mean several things beginning with, ‘cautious with a strong instinct for self preservation’. You can fill in the blanks on this one yourself.

    And sixth, the bright orange coiled wrist strap. This could indicate a touch of OCD, or someone who has gotten locked out on more than one occasion.

    So there you have it. Find a vigilant, Honda driving, female, with a mortgage, a touch of OCD and possibly wearing a beret and you’ll find the keys rightful owner.

    Happy Holidays, and keep your spirits light.

  2. Thanks for posting Todd and John, I’ll provide feedback if owner picks up keys and fits any if not all of the above 🙂

    Happy Holidays!
    Karen / Stray Bar

  3. Enjoyed John’s analysis! But am also happy that “she” did not get in her “honda” and drive that night if she had swigged a few cocktails.

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