Tuesday: Come Celebrate Bernalwood’s Forgotten Anniversary


In the grand Bernalwood tradition, we completely flaked this blog’s anniversary, yet again. It happened on November 28, exactly two years to the day after Bernalwood published our very first, very unpropitious post.

Now we are two years older, not much wiser, and still going strong: Bernalwood continues to exist, and Bernal Heights is more fabulous than ever. So let’s celebrate all that, belatedly.

Citizens of Bernalwood, ye are cordially invited to join us tomorrow evening for a festive cocktail!

WHAT: Bernalwood’s Second Anniversary Drink-Up
WHEN: Tuesday, December 11 from 7 to 10 pm
WHERE: The Lucky Horseshoe, 453 Cortland, Dominion of Bernalwood

Your Bernalwood editor will be there, along with an all-star cast of Bernal Heights journalists-in-residence. Stop by, raise a glass, and say “hello neighbor!” We look forward to seeing old friends, and doing the whole f2f thing with new ones.

Finally, I’ll quote myself to reprise a sentiment I expressed last year, because what I said then is even more true now:

I won’t bother describing all the reasons why Bernalwood was started, because that has very little to do with what inspires and animates it today. I will say that working on Bernalwood for has been a marvelous experience, in ways that I never would have imagined.

Bernalwood is an Internet thing, but it has become an incredibly powerful tool for converting digital bytes into atom-to-atom human relationships. I can’t describe how many terrific people I’ve met because of this blog, and how many new friends and neighbors I’ve gotten to know along the way. In fact, many of those relationships already feel so familiar that it’s hard to believe they’re less than a year only two years old.

Hope to see you tomorrow eve at the Lucky Horseshoe, and major thanks to everyone in Bernal Heights for sharing your news tips, photos, comments, and commentary. You’re what keeps Bernalwood glamorous.

16 thoughts on “Tuesday: Come Celebrate Bernalwood’s Forgotten Anniversary

  1. Happy anniversary, Bernalwood! But do you think it’s wise for so many members of the Bernal intelligentsia to congregate in one place? What if Burrito Justice and the La Lenguan separatist rebels get wind of this?

  2. Wow! Seems like just yesterday I was using Bernalwood to cope with a bit of homesickness while on Guam. I can’t make it tomorrow, but many cheers from alllllllll the way over in Glen Park!

  3. Hey, my birthday is November 28, too! I will definitely be by to celebrate….looking forward to meeting Todd and other Bernal dwellers.

  4. LOL for the comments two years ago:

    Sean says:
    November 30, 2010 at 12:31
    Give me the goss! Will FourStar be choked out by the succulents shop?

    tiny(T)hug says:
    December 2, 2010 at 08:40
    Four star IS the succulent shop and I highly doubt the vid store is going anywhere.

  5. Congratulations! We moved to SF and the north slope just shy of your 1st anniversary. Your blog has been instrumental in helping us to be good neighbors and enjoy the quirkiness and charm that is here in Bernal. Thank you and well done.

  6. thanks so much for all your efforts….bernalwood has become a core part of this community and i desperately hope it’s here for the long haul! thank you!

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