Fabulous Raffle with Glamorous Prizes to Benefit Library Art


Miss Darcy from Heartfelt on Cortland invites all the Citizens of Bernalwood to buy  tickets in a star-studded raffle to benefit the Bernal Heights Library Art Project:

We are selling tickets for the raffle that will be drawn on Thursday, during the Cortland Holiday Stroll. It is a fundraiser for the playground side of the library art work.

The prizes are so grand there is really no first prize. Here they are:

  • A signed by David Byrne Talking Heads Tee shirt from the 80’s (I vouch it is authentic)
  • A $200 gift certificate from Heartfelt
  • A painting by Reuben RudeA photo by Kingmond Young
  • A weekend for two in Guerneyville (a lovely home in the woods)
  • Dinner for two at Hillside Supper Club

Tickets are $5 each,  or 5 for $20.

Please Note: This is a raffle to benefit the mural on the back side of the library, facing the playground. Not the mural slated to appear on the front. Or the one on the side. No, this a benefit for the one in the back. And the design for back of the library is not yet even proposed. So it happens to be a very good opportunity for some artastic awesomeness. I encourage all Bernalese to help encourage that. See the poster below for more details.

PS: Miss Darcy still hasn’t found her cat. Keep an eye out, please.

UPDATE: Darcy’s cat came back home at last, reeking of beer and cheap perfume:

Leo came home. A happy for us!


PHOTO: Glamorous David Byrne shirt in the window of Heartfelt. Photo by Telstar Logistics

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