Meet Melinda and Jason, Your New Bernal Neighbors

Stars implode. Galaxies collide. Planets are formed. Somewhere, a baby is born. Old neighbors move away, and new neighbors move in. As part of Bernalwood’s occasional series of New Neighbor Interviews, we try to get to know some people who recently moved to Bernal Heights. This week, let’s meet new neighbors Melinda and Jason.

Name: Melinda and Jason
Move-In Date: April 2012
Bernal Address: Peralta Street
Came Here From: Most recently, SOMA. But we moved to SF just over a year ago from North Carolina.
Rent or Own? We own; it’s a cute 2 BR that’s almost 100-years-old.

What do you do for a living?
I work as a homeland security consultant and my husband is a financial analyst. I just started working from home, so I spend a lot of time in the neighborhood now!

Why Bernal Heights?
We searched all over the city for several months and quickly determined that Bernal was the perfect fit for us. I needed the sunshine and we both needed the convenience to the BART, Muni and the highway.

First impressions of the neighborhood?
We read that Bernal was fun and funky, and our first visit to Cortland affirmed it! After hanging out around Precita Park, we knew that the North Slope was going to be our stomping grounds.

You’ve moved around a lot during the last few years, all over the country. But now you own a home here. How does that feel?
It’s our first time living on the West Coast and in a more temperate climate. It’s taken a bit of adjusting to the lack of traditional seasons. One thing that made me feel right at home was our gorgeous Magnolia tree on the street. It took me right back to some of my favorite landscape elements of the South! As homey as some of it feels, there’s no mistaking we’re in San Francisco with those views of the Marin headlands and downtown.

Any unexpected surprises after you moved in?
Outside of a few “This Old House” type issues like a few leaks, nothing too surprising.

How would you describe Bernal Heights to a friend from out of town?
I tell them that it’s residential and quiet — a sanctuary from the bustle of downtown. I also tell them that it’s absolutely charming and they should come visit!

What are your biggest concerns about your new neighborhood?
What business is going in on Folsom at Bessie, near Charlie’s Cafe and the laundromat? (A wine bar or pub please, Charlie!)

Name your three favorite things about Bernal.
1. It has all the benefits of the city, but it’s a closer-knit and quieter residential neighborhood.
2. I can see the hill from my kitchen window and quickly ascertain the weather while I brew my coffee.
3. The sun! As i watch the fog roll across the city, I sit pretty in a little patch of sun 🙂

Name three things you wish Bernal had (but which it currently does not)?
1. A gondola to the top of the hill (for when I feel lazy but still want the view).
2. A bar on Precita Park (see concerns above!)
3. I can’t even think of a third!

PHOTO: Melinda and Jason

15 thoughts on “Meet Melinda and Jason, Your New Bernal Neighbors

  1. gondola? here comes ski season and an incredible gondola ride. Todd, you may want to send them the old blog about our secret ski resort!!

  2. Great idea for a series! I’m totally in favor for interviewing long-standing residents as well as newcomers. As I’ve only lived in Bernal since January, I love hearing from my neighbors who have lived here for 10, 20, 30+ years. And +1 for the wine bar, Charlie…

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