Bernal Becomes Location For Glamorous Fiat 500L Commercial

Fiat has decided to supersize the tiny 500 car that’s already such a fixture around San Francisco. To prepare for the rollout of the new 500L — the “L” stands for “large,” we’re told — Fiat filmed a commercial for the car on Wednesday in Bernal Heights. Neighbor Robert got the scoop:

Elsie Street had some car-person excitement on Halloween. A soon to come hipster-SUV showed up in the ‘hood, without it’s costume!  It’s the new Fiat 500L, and it’s the star of a commercial being filmed in our very own Bernal — at one of the nearby houses.  Can’t say too much more as we don’t want to get the little guy’s handlers in trouble, but it’s definitely a cute bigger sibling to the 500s we see all over the City these days.

The fact that Fiat chose to shoot the new commercial in Bernal Heights is very sexy. As for the car itself, Car and Driver magazine recently quipped that “500L looks like a 500 that stuck its thumb in its mouth and an air hose in its tail. That said, it’s not totally unattractive.”

We’re sure they meant that in a nice way. Still, with such praise coming from the automotive press, Fiat probably figured that some Bernal Heights glamorousness might come in handy to help make the sale.

PHOTOS: Robert Freedman

11 thoughts on “Bernal Becomes Location For Glamorous Fiat 500L Commercial

  1. * And mention the ad and Bernal residents receive a discount!!

    * not sure if this is really the case, but if you’re wheeling and dealing for a new car I recommend any and every angle you can muster

  2. > The headlines on your blog are much better.

    There you go again! You don’t take criticism well, do you?

    I enjoy the Bernalwood blog, and I think it’s a great neighborhood resource, and I appreciate you doing it, but, personally speaking, the “fabulous” “child-like wonderment” tone (my characterization) sets my teeth on edge. Too cute by half. Even the title “Bernalwood” always struck me as trying too hard to glamorize what I consider a quant pocket of SF, but that’s just me, I’m sure.

    Your milage may vary, and obviously does. 🙂

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