Is This the Most Incredible Bernal Halloween Costume of 2012?

Neighbors Scott and Regina posted this photo of their fantastic incredible family costume on the Facebook, and so far I think it’s a front-runner to win a Halloween Best of Bernal Heights Award for 2012.

Do you have other costume photos from yesterday? Send your pix to us at bernalwoodATgmailDOTCOM, and I’ll update this post with the best/funniest/goofiest contestants.

Here’s another strong Bernal candidate… Hirsute Princess Leia!

UPDATE: Neighbor Adel’s family is making a play for BOTH the Cutest Bernal Family and Best Star Wars Group Costume category awards, and they’re doing it in high style:

Neighbors Teresa and Ben have taken the front-runner position in the Best Costumed House category, with this befanged home on Bennington Street:

Neighbor Jillian is 7 months pregnant, but her kid is a sugar-fiend… and a candidate for Best Bernal Horrific Prenatal Costume:

Neighbor Rebecca  her daughter Dinah looked glamorous as they slurped brains in the Zombie Streetwalker category:

PHOTOS: Neighbor Scott and Regina, Davitydave, Neighbors Teresa and Ben, Neighbor Jillian

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