Star Sighting: David Byrne Visits Bernal Heights

Artist and musician David Byrne was in San Francisco this week to do a performance at the Orpheum on Monday and a talk with City Arts and Lectures on Tuesday night. So how did the clever and glamorous ex-Talking Head decide to spend his precious leisure time on Tuesday afternoon? Why, he went for a stroll along Cortland Avenue in Bernal Heights, of course!

Bernal resident and New York Times contributing writer Jon Mooallem phoned in the initial sighting:

The report sent several of Bernal’s highest-powered resident journalists into high-gear. With Rolling Stone national affairs correspondent Tim Dickinson egging him on, writer Chris Colin scoured Cortland, looking for confirmation of the Byrne sighting. He started at the Good Life Grocery:

Then, as Jon Mooallem handed out plaudits for humanizing the event, New York Times contributing writer Malia Wollan added another tidbit:

Alas, no one got any photos of David Byrne on Cortland, because the denizens of Cortlandia prefer to play it cool — which is great for Bernal’s street cred, but bad for our paparazzi. So it goes. Nevertheless, David Byrne visited Bernal Heights, so you can let that drop to your friends and family.

Oh, and in other celebrity news, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg may own a house in or near the La Lengua Autonomous Zone.  As Drudge would say… DEVELOPING.


9 thoughts on “Star Sighting: David Byrne Visits Bernal Heights

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