Another Very Lovely Photo of the Unlovely Spaghetti Bowl

The 101-280 “Spaghetti Bowl” interchange is not the sort of feature that might be called beautiful… unless you have a taste for Midcentury Infrastructural Brutalism. Nevertheless, our ace local photographers have succeeded in making it look lovely time and time again.

Now, another photographer has accomplished that improbable feat. Neighbor Jillian writes:

My friend Winni Wintermeyer took this shot at night on the corner of Bradford and Jarboe, looking South over the Spaghetti Bowl. Thought it was an interesting P0V which most Bernalites may not recognize. Took me a while to figure out anyway.

Lovely, eh? Thanks for the share Jillian, and kudos to Winni Wintermeyer.

PHOTO: Winni Wintermeyer

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