Fashionable Photo Shoot at the Coso Street Cable Car Stop

Exciting news for Bernal Heights commuters: We just got a new cable car stop on Coso!

Neighbor Becky filed this report yesterday:

Cable cars on Coso street? Imagine my surprise to see a cable car running on Coso St. this morning.  And what is this city coming to? it’s decked out in Christmas decorations but it isn’t even Halloween!

Either that, or it was a photo shoot, of course. Which would explain the photographers.

Indeed! Actually, it was a photo shoot, for a Holiday fashion catalog that our sources were not able to identify. And it was an actual, for-reals cable car — albeit a motorized cable car, which is transit geek-speak for a retired cable car mounted on an internal combusion-powered truck chassis. (This particular former cable car was converted by the late, great Arnold Gridley.)

But who cares how the thing climbs up a hill? The catalog shoot affirmed our glamour credentials, and the presence of the cable car affirmed that Bernal Heights would look rather stylish with our very own cable car line. Although, we already knew that.

PHOTOS: From top, Neighbor Becky, Mrs. @LeCornballer, and @Jobius/Joe Thomas

7 thoughts on “Fashionable Photo Shoot at the Coso Street Cable Car Stop

  1. I worked for Mr. Gridley for 5-6 years driving these beautifully converted cable cars. They were far more attractive than the “real” cable cars, and much more flexible in where they could go.
    I have lived in Texas for the past 25 years, but still miss that job…………not for the money (although tips could be pretty fine) but for the variety of people and situations that came with it.
    Thanks for the great shots and memory opening story.
    I am sorry to hear that Mr. Gridley has passed on, but it has been a long while since I worked there.

  2. I walked passed them shooting also and thought it had all the makings of one of those goofy Shreve and Company commercials.

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