Star Sighting: Shuttle Endeavour Soars Over Bernal Heights

Well, that was rather epic, wasn’t it?

When we told you yesterday that the pilot of the Boeing 747 carrying the Space Shuttle Endeavour would be thinking of Bernal Heights as he flew over San Francisco, we weren’t kidding. But we didn’t realize that meant he would actually fly the thing right over our neighborhood!

Yet that’s what happened (because Bernalwood is glamorous like that). A little after 10 am today, Shuttle Endeavour made a big sweeping pass over Sutrito Tower and the Dominion of Bernalwood, amid much rejoicing and clicking of camera shutters.

From atop the hill, Neighbor Charlie took this terrific shot of the shuttle floating past Sutro Tower:

Neightbors Jeanne and Taina enjoyed a Tomorrowland view from their Bernal Heights living room:

Anthony Brown, Bernal’s finest penguinologist, was on the Hill, and he captured this video of the fly-by, which may be the next best thing to having been there:

And since it was a day for star-sightings, it’s only natural that Endeavour’s arrival coincided with a cameo by another elusive celebrity: The Bikini Jogger!

But let’s back up for a moment. Your Bernalwood editor got to spend some serious quality time with Endeavour yesterday while it was at Edwards Air Force Base, courtesy of the very generous folks at NASA. So if you enjoyed the view of the Shuttle over Bernal Heights today, here’s a glimpse of what it looked like up close:

Endeavour and 747 SCA

Shuttle Endeavour

Shuttle Endeavour

Endeavour and 747 SCA

Shuttle Endeavour

Wow. Quite a day to remember. Someday, you can tell your grandkids that you not only saw the Space Shuttle fly over Bernal Heights, but you also saw the Space Shuttle fly on the last day that any Shuttle took to the skies, ever. It was just another glamorous day of history-in-the-making here in Bernalwood… and you were there.

PHOTOS: Bernal photos, from top: Erin Veneziano, DenSF, Stephen Woods, Milk DragonMatthew Gilreath, Xtel, Wirednerd,  Joe Thomas. Bikini Jogger by sfcitymom. Shuttle closeups by Telstar Logistics

21 thoughts on “Star Sighting: Shuttle Endeavour Soars Over Bernal Heights

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  2. What a great way to mark the passing of an era. Of course, where does NASA go now? NASA is prepared and can totally pull of a manned mission to Mars, it’s the political will that is lacking. I for one think we should get on with it. Low Earth orbit can be passed off to the private sector, Space X is more than willing to accomplish this task. Sadly, it seems NASA has lost it’s way since the climax of Project Apollo. We need human beings in space….it’s who we are: explorers.

  3. Was the Bernal Cosmodrome closed? Looks like they determined to land.
    Thank you for the great pictures…..sorry I missed being up on the hill for the momentous fly-by.

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