Bernal Dads Have Gone Racin’ For the Weekend

On top of all the other fun stuff going on this weekend, the ever-manly Bernal Dads Racing Team will take to the track this weekend to participate in the 24 Hours of LeMons “Vodden the Hell Are We Doing” endurance race at Thunderhill Raceway in exotic Willows, California.

The Dads will be bringing both of their race cars: One is the valiant Whale (#245), a battered Volvo 240 wagon that has already survived 12 LeMons races — and which now carries a new olive-drab livery to commemorate it’s war-weary status. The other is The Molvochero (#243), a Mazda Miata disguised as a Volvo that’s been converted into a pickup truck. Naturally.

Your Bernalwood editor will be embedded with the Bernal Dads throughout, so keep an eye on the Bernalwood Twitter account for regular updates from the track… and the driver’s seat. Wheeeeee!


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