How Much Is This Cute 1BR For Sale on Powhattan Really Worth?

Miss Sally, our real estate-obsessed friend at the tony CurbedSF blog, directed our attention to a new listing for a home at 9 Powhattan that just hit the market. It’s a rather adorable 1BR, 1BA , and the realtor propaganda says:

High on the Hill – Bernal Hill, you will find this one of a kind & rarely available view cottage with fantastic outlooks & great light. Perched high in a secluded & private setting, on a quiet street, yet just steps to the heart of Bernal Village, & all that makes this neighborhood so great! Cute beyond belief, this 1 bedroom house has tremendous views over Bernal to the Southern Hills, a large & protected deck, & an expansive yard with gardens featuring native grasses, trees & shrubs. The yard backs up to the very top of Bernal Hill itself, so you can exit your back gate to walk the dog around the Hill! A quite exceptional opportunity to enjoy the indoor/outdoor environment so sought after in sunny Bernal Heights. Prime -just off Cortland!

Isn’t that just so quaint? Don’t you suddenly find yourself craving chamomile tea and that old Indigo Girls CD you haven’t listened to since the Clinton Administration? The starting price is $499,000, and there’s an open house on Sunday from 2-4.

Meanwhile, Miss Sally wonders, “I’m always curious how 1-bed single-family homes like this will sell, since the buyers’ pool is pretty limited.” Great question. If you do go take a look this weekend, report back here to let us know what you thought of the place


15 thoughts on “How Much Is This Cute 1BR For Sale on Powhattan Really Worth?

    • Bernal has a strict set of demolition controls in place. its basically not possible if the house is able to be shown to the public. (it would have to be unsafe to occupy)

  1. Agree with Ken. The prime real estate just below Bernal Heights Park is all destined for new construction. There’s a huge new house (which looks very cool, but I’m not so sure about the paint colors) a block or so east of this one.

    • You must mean the ketchup and mustard monstrosity! I cant believe what an ugly HUGE compound they made that…. AND… let me just say, one of the filthiest construction sites i have seen in a long LONG time! Rusty nails sticking out of 2×4’s in a huge pile right at road side left all weekend… BOOO! That house does not fit in this neighborhood AT ALL anymore!

      • And… as far as last time i actually took a close look, they totally forgot to paint their little art studio or whatever that little out building that is… It still sits in its former shammy yellow / white color scheme. You know, before they ever started working on that GIANT addition, i had one huge beef with the look of the house… and it STILL isnt fixed! They NEED SOME DANG EVES!! It is weird having something so huge going straight up 3 stories in concrete with no even tiny roof or eve overhang. It makes it feel like it is a giant lego. I just wish it had some dang overhang somewhere… anywhere! I am getting hungry for a hotdog now that i think about it! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on bluepearlgirl's world and commented:
    This house i have been watching for about a month and a half, patiently awaiting it to finally go on market. It is at the top of my block and i walk past it every day when i do my workout. From what i understand, the square footage for this single family home is a mere 463sqft on a slightly over 1500sqft lot (which does back right up to Bernal Heights park). You never see a single family, stand alone house that is smaller than some studio apts. i have lived in! It makes me wonder if this is the framework of one of the original earthquake shelters that were put up all over SF in 1906…. Looks like i might just have to go through the open house!

  3. we checked it out, the price is for the land basically. The structure is probably fabulous for a limited clientele as everything else in Bernal just seems to get bigger and better. The view from the main room is very nice. The downstairs, low ceilinged “studio” opens onto the fenced in deck which is small but very relaxing and private for that busy street! The backyard is straight up, wild and rangy. The obvious bonus is the ability to put a gate for direct access to the hill. This is someone’s dream bungalow!

  4. Update on this property: closed on 10/25 for a mere $567,500. If tax records are to believed that is a cool $1,228/sqft.

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