UPDATED: Bernal Fathers Propose Happy “Manbaby” Billboard Alternative

Against the backdrop of the recent pro-life billboard hacking excitement on Cortland Avenue, Neighbor Chris joined forces with a few other Bernal dads to propose a new billboard design that would be a refreshing alternative:

These are anxious times, and I wanted to reassure you about something important. Fellow Bernalites Erik Bloom, Jon Mooallem and I realized it’s incumbent on everyday citizens to ensure that this billboard absurdity continues ad nauseum. Erik (and presumably a team of top artists) put together the attached image last night. Soon as we figure out how to enlarge it 1000000000 percent, it’s going up up up.

I don’t like to use the word “hero.”

… but yet heroes they are. Let’s do this.

UPDATE: Looks like Bernal’s upstanding stoner community has some alternative ideas as well — no doubt inspired by the recent New York Times article about the joy of mixing pot with parenting. This billboard proposal just arrived from Neighbor Jon:

IMAGE: Top: Billboard design by Neighbor Eric. Photo illustration by Telstar Logistics Below: Neighbor Jon.

21 thoughts on “UPDATED: Bernal Fathers Propose Happy “Manbaby” Billboard Alternative

  1. Not sure if manbaby isn’t a slur on men as babies (peter pan kidda crap). I like the idea of pro fathers, especially a 2 father couple as we have many fine examples in Bernal. But, I think the issue here is whether women should be forced to bear children against their will. As I have never met a woman who could “shut the whole thing down”. I believe the only way to shut the whole thing down is to remove the “shrimp”.

  2. Seriously; this issue is hugh;; and abortion has gone rampant in our society from a long time back;;; Youth not being prepared properly; to understand what a GIFT life is// and then being sexually active WAY TOO YOUNG;; So Sad;; to say that abortion has much been used as a form of birth control; and also That the real issue of being RESPONSIBLE; just shoved aside in our day and age for teenagers,, so on and so forth… // I think it still must be an option AS MUCH AS I DO SEE IT AS ‘TAKING A LIFE’// It is a human life from the time of conception..
    GO SEE THE MOVIE ‘JUNO’ , HAVE THE BABY AND GIVE IT UP FOR ADOPTION IS A WONDERFUL, ADMIRAL CHOICE// in the ‘old’ days,, this was more of a bad thing,, and no one wanted to talk about it. Giving a baby to a good family; is so much better THAN the alternative.
    What about YOUNG ADULTS BEING NURTURED TO UNDERSTAND THAT ‘sex is over rated’ and it is ONLY BEAUTIFUL IN A harmonious ‘in love’ committed relationship, of some manner.????????? HELLO,,, IS ANYONE HOME !

  3. OH YEAH; I do not like the man baby billboard; as I do not understand it// and it does not make good sense to me???? what exactly does it mean?

  4. I think it just needs a YES on Prop 34 – end capital punishment – plastered on it just as a point to the hypocrisy of these pro-life groups.

    the CBS worker repaired the billboard this morning – they are persistent!

  5. Here are some alternates in the East Bay….

    proposed alteration:

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