6 thoughts on “Bernal Heights Bluebird Can’t Resist Cigarette Cravings

  1. Please don’t teach our bird bad habits by letting him come to your “cool” house and smoke cigarettes. We feed that guy only organic peanuts and an occasional table scrap like pizza or hot dogs. Keep your ashtrays out of reach!

    • Aha! You are the peanut source! Only the finest organic peanuts, in the shell, I presume? I have been finding peanut shells in our backyard in the weirdest places and imagining the clever neighborhood creature that stole away with a stash to dine on in our garden. Now I see it’s almost certainly these blue guys, who are frequent visitors.

      • Yup must be me. Either that or birds of a feather feed birds together. Just can’t resist their cawing but now I realize it’s just a nicfit. Anyway so you know I’m ornithologically-minded, this is my parrot: http://www.pixelthebird.com.

  2. As Bernalwood’s (lapsed) urban naturalist, I feel I must weigh in here: that is a western scrub jay. We don’t have plain old blue jays on the West Coast (no offense, East Coast; I actually think your blue jays are awesome). We do have western bluebirds, but not that I’ve ever seen in Bernal.

    And that’s enough of this public service announcement.

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