Art or A**holes? About That Random Furniture Atop Bernal Hill

A message to whoever left a collection of furniture on the saddle of Bernal Hill, in the area beneath the Vista Pointe chairlift:

If these items were placed on Bernal Hill as part of an in situ art installation intended to provoke wonder and an attenuated appreciation of place, then bravo and well done! The plan is working brilliantly, and we assume you will arrange to remove the items promptly and completely.

However, if you hauled all that furniture up there as props for a video or some such, and then left the stuff after you were finished, then you are a jerk and an illegal dumper, and you must now live with this sad knowledge about your true nature for the remainder of your days.

In the meantime, Neighbor Frank returned from a visit to the hill a few minutes ago, and he shared this photo:

He writes:

The furniture is still there, and apparently attracting other artists.  This photographer and model told me that they did not carry the chair there.  The model hoped that the chair didn’t have bedbugs.  The ottoman and two footstools were moved to the west.  I didn’t see the black chair.

UPDATE: In the comments, several neighbors report that the chairs were used during a “hipster picnic” that took place on Sunday. After the picnic, the chairs were abandoned. So there’s the answer: Not art, but hipster a**holes.

PHOTOS: Top, Dunstan Orchard, Below, Neighbor Frank

15 thoughts on “Art or A**holes? About That Random Furniture Atop Bernal Hill

  1. It was left by a group of people who had some sort of party up there. I passed by it on Sunday and they had food and drink and were waiting for people to arrive. Definitely not artists but more hipsters.

  2. This is what happens when our modern urban culture wants to “pretend” that something new and out of place is suddenly called art. It’s more dumbing down of society.
    This furniture is pure junk and the people who hauled it up there are simply illegally dumping crap on our public open space.

  3. The furniture was a fog-weather friend. Friday is warm and sunny atop the hill and the furniture has migrated elsewhere. The ottoman and one footstool are on Bradford St at BH Blvd, at the 67 bus stop and new mini-park.

  4. Surprised hipsters had that much energy to haul all that stuff up there. Must have taken hundreds of them.

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