Tonight! Tasty Treats for a Good Cause at the Alemany Night Market

Neighbor Arno reminds us that the Alemany Night Market, a benefit for the deliciously fantastic La Cocina incubator for food entrepreneurs, happens TONIGHT on the site of the Alemany Farmer’s Market:

More coolness coming to Bernal for Friday Dinner:
Night Market, August 17, 6p-9p at Alemany Farmer’s Market.

  • This event is part of the legendary San Francisco Street Food Festival this weekend.
  • There will be 27 vendors, each making one great thing, from all over the world. This event is a benefit for La Cocina, a non-profit incubator kitchen.
  • Entrance is a $25 donation, with tickets available here. All food and drink is priced under $10 from there. Come hungry and get ready to eat to your cart’s content.
  • Members and friends of Bernal Bucks get 25% off their tickets, if you use the registration code “bernalbucks”! (40 available)

Full details about the event right here. Also, Yum!

6 thoughts on “Tonight! Tasty Treats for a Good Cause at the Alemany Night Market

  1. It’s cause-ing some vexation. It seems general admission tickets are not being sold on line. Does anyone know if they will sell general ($25) tickets at the gate? I didn’t realize until this morning that advanced tickets were required for this event.

  2. My understanding is that there are no more $25 pre-event tickets available. Admission is now $50 at the gate. They certainly didn’t make it very clear thta you needed advanced tickets, I agree.

  3. I just went down and spoke with the organizers. They ARE selling tickets at the gate for $25 per person. Under 12’s are also free.

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