Parrots and Possum in Bernal Heights, Oh My!

I’m pleased to report that the swarm of raccoons that recently attempted to invade my home has retreated back into the jungles of Bernal Heights. For the moment. I hope.

Yet wild animals are still active here in our Wild Kingdom, with two critter sightings this week that are worthy of note.

Yesterday Neighbor Christin captured the above photo of the Dissident Parrots of Bernal Heights while the birds were having a meeting in a tree on Prentiss Street, just below the hill. Bernalwood’s sources tell us the birds had gathered to discuss the planned downtown development at 8 Washington Street, and one parrot was overheard saying, “If Aaron Peskin is against it, then we must be in favor of it!”

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Bernal…

Neighbor Catherine sent in this report from Treat Avenue:

Evidently a Bernal native, this opossum has been making daily house calls to us on the north slope.


PHOTOS: Above, Neighbor Christin, below, Neighbor Catherine

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  1. Has anyone seen the bright yellow with black shoulder bars, robin-sized, bird living somewhere in Bernal Gardens? I think its an Oriel? Not supposed to live in this part of the world…

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