Meet the Winner of the Bernalwood Air Guitar Photo Contest

Citizens of Bernalwood, let the record show that Neighbor Clarissa rocks.

That’s Clarissa up above, and that’s the photo she submitted as her entry in the Bernalwood Air Guitar Photo Contest to win a pair of tickets to the glamorous Noisette Food and Music Festival this coming weekend.

Like a true rockstar, Clarissa gets the details right: A dazzling light show in the background, visible from her stage on Bernal Hill. Perfect aerial technique. Agile hands clutching her invisible instrument. And a face that exudes pure heavy metal intensity. Fabulous.

Citizens of Bernalwood, let the record show that Neighbor Clarissa is the winner of our contest, and she’ll be rocking out at the Noisette festival this weekend. Woooooo! Wooooo! (Hold up your lighters, people.) Congrats!!!

Now let’s check out a few of our other wannabe rockers.  Meet Neighbor Toki, our First Runner-Up:

Toki jams the air guitar from Bocana Street, and apart from having great form, this little rockstar has big style — check out those Vans and his dope indie-style sweater! A total natural. Sweeeeeeeeet!

Our Second Runner-Up is Neighbor Carmen:

Carmen blasts her invisible electric guitar through an invisible amp powered by the new solar charging station in front of the New Wheel bicycle shop. Bonus eco-style points for that, as well as those retro New Wave shades.

Many thanks to everyone who rocked out with Bernalwood for this contest, and to our friends from NoisePop for providing us with a pair Noisette tickets to give away. And most of all, big standing ovation to Neighbor Clarissa, for rocking the hardest.

5 thoughts on “Meet the Winner of the Bernalwood Air Guitar Photo Contest

  1. Rock on!! Thanks again for the tix, and for all the local stories on this blog. And a big thank you to my pal Sam who took the photo and got me to channel my inner rock star.

  2. Woo hoo! I was so stoked that Clarissa asked me to take her picture for this. Even though it was cold and drizzly up on the hill and by the end of the session my hands could hardly press the shutter because they were so cold, we had a huge amount of fun doing this – so thanks, Bernalwood, for the opportunity to have some daft old-fashioned fun!

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