Join a Meetup for Artists on Bernal Hill, Saturday


Neighbor Laurie is leading another meetup for visual artists on Bernal Hill tomorrow:

It’s been 5 months since I set up the SF Sketchers Meetup group, and we’re got another meetup coming up on the Hill this Saturday, July 28.

We had our very first meetup on Bernal Hill because I thought no-one would come, and I figured that if I was feeling lonely and miserable, at least it would be a short walk home.

Much to my surprise, a bunch of people turned up — and they’ve kept on coming. The meetup group currently has 223 members and the meter is ticking over steadily as new ones come in. Fortunately they don’t all come at once: for any given meetup 5-10 people will actually show — just about the ideal number because you can fit that many people around a cafe table to share sketchbooks at the end.

You can read more about this Saturday’s meetup or go see the sketches posted by the group for each of the 21 meetups we’ve had so far. I try to make sure that one event is scheduled each weekend (last weekend we had 3 events, but that’s unusual). This is not a class, but it’s easy to learn things from seeing what other people are doing. There is a wide range of artistic skill and experience; the only requirement is that people have figured out that they want to do this.

IMAGE: Watercolor by Neighbor Laurie

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