A Day in the Life of Bernal Sushi Sensei Tim Archuleta

The foodies over at EaterSF recently went for an all-day ride-along with Bernal’s most glamorous celebrity sushi chef, Tim Archuleta from Ichi Sushi:

7 a.m.: Archuleta arrives bright and early at Pier 45, so he can hand-pick the best fish for the day at ABS Seafood. He runs into Henry Ichinose, the owner, who gives him a walk-through, while talking price and ordering. Archuleta sees a gigantic, deep rose slab of ahi. “Ah. Fresca!” bubbles out of his mouth. “I’ll take a quarter of it,” he says. A man in full apron, boots, gloves, and a warm hat slices through the meaty, rose fish like butter.

7:15 a.m.: Next they move on to the local albacore. Tim unpacks it from ice and inspects it thoroughly. He opens up the gill flaps. “Fresca!” escapes him again. “Look at that red.” Henry explains that not everyone gets to personally select their fish, like Archuleta does. But since they’ve done business together for 15 years, he trusts him to treat his fish right.

7:30 a.m.: After Archuleta is done picking out his AAA grade uni, the old friends joke around—a lot about fish and business, and a few minutes about that one time years ago when someone got caught stealing a case of uni.

8 a.m.: Now that the early chef caught the fish (or something like that), he heads back home to nap.

Follow along for the rest of Chef Tim’s day, right here.

PHOTO: Tim Archuleta, by John Storey via SFGate

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