Three Properties for Rent Right Now in Bernal Heights

Our real estate-obsessed friends at CurbedSF have taken a close look at three residential units currently available for rent in our fabulous neighborhood. They invite readers to “Join the Bikini Jogger and Bigfoot on the Hills of Bernal Heights:”

It’s quite clear that the San Francisco rental market is hot, hot, hot right now, so here at Curbed we’re going to bring you a bevy of rental properties each week for your perusal — one in each price range for budget, middle-of-the-road, and luxury. Today we look at the Bernal Heights, which is full of whimsy and was embroiled in such controversies as last winters’s bikini jogger phenomenon and this summer’s Bigfoot sighting.

There’s a “budget” apartment on Park Street, a mid-range apartment on Mission near Valencia, and a 3 bedroom house on Manchester. Complete details at CurbedSF.

PHOTO: Apartment for rent at 3207 Mission

11 thoughts on “Three Properties for Rent Right Now in Bernal Heights

    • Like! Like! Like! The Manchester house is going for $5400 a month; first, last, and $2500 deposit = $13,300 to move in. Why not just put a down payment on a house for that kind of scratch. I could rent my house for FOUR TIMES what I pay for my mortgage. GROSS.

    • I fled to Oakland in April. It was a shame because I really liked Bernal; but, alas, I’m not making six figures….

      • When i lose my place here, i will be oakland bound too. I have lived here in SF for 18 years and am a descendent of Levi’s and can not afford to stay in this town. I am praying for our next big quake. It is the only true level-or we’ve got. I think all of the old school SFers will be in Oakland eventually anyway, so the community should be awesome by the time we are all forced out by these upstart idiots. They may have our city, but the soul will have moved out. Then you are left with a sham and a want-a-be cool place. Plastic city is here! Bohemia, across the bay.

  1. The market is crazy right now! A guy moved into an identical apartment downstairs from mine and he pays $800 more than I do. I haven’t even been there for two years yet.

  2. Rents in Bernal increased 38% last year. 12% across the rest of the city. Yikes! The longterm residents are probably being pushed out and foreclosed upon for those statistics. It can’t be that Bernal is the new Marina district.

  3. You’re a good sport, T. I’d be so pissed if my work was being used by slimey real estate types to sell overpriced rents.

    • Heyo! I’m not a slimey real estate type (have you ever even read CurbedSF?) but merely a fan of Bernalwood – the ‘hood and the blog.
      For what it’s worth, it truly pains me every week when the “budget” price inches higher and higher and higher in every neighborhood. I usually post the cheapest non-crack-den-looking listing I can find. As someone who recently had to find a new apartment, all I can day is: stay where you are if you can at all manage it.

      • I love curbed as much as i love bernalwood. Keep up the good work! I would actually like to see the crack-den cheap-ies though. Maybe my dream will not be shattered about being displaced in my future if i can see a realistic price of something with at least a tarp over my head! I actually am getting excited about the prospect of seeing super crappy but affordable (not really but closer) rents in SF! It would be nice to see that not every single surface in this town is new and shiny. It makes this city seem so fake. Like a set with a tacky crowd milling over it.

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