How to Win Two Free Tickets to The Noisette Festival

Noisette is a “culinary concert block party” that will take place in the Mission District on August 4. Combining food from glamorous local chefs with music by glamorous musicians, Noisette is a pop-up extension of the annual Noise Pop Music Festival that has become a mainstay of the San Francisco alt/indie music scene.

What you may not realize however, is that both Noisette and Noise Pop have deep roots in Bernal Heights. Long story short, these festivals are organized in collaboration with  Zeitgeist Artist Management, and the brain trust for Zeitgeist lives right here, among us, in Bernal Heights — which only confirms Bernalwood’s longstanding contention that everyone in Bernal Heights is a rockstar. Here are the details about Noisette:

WHAT: Presented by Noise Pop and Finger on the Pulse, Noisette- a culinary concert block party- will kick off the inaugural event in San Francisco on August 4th. This delicious summer feast and dance party will feature some of the city’s best up-and-coming chefs and a variety of indie bands and DJs.

WHEN: Saturday, August 4th from 1-5 p.m. VIP hour: 12-1 p.m.

WHERE: Public Works (Mission) 161 Erie Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

WHO: THE CHEFS-Noisette will host eight of the hottest chefs from the Bay Area’s highly influential culinary scene. Each chef has been tasked to create a unique dish inspired by seasonal summer cuisine. Confirmed chefs: Adam Dulye (The Monk’s Kettle and Abbots Cellar), Jason Fox (Commonwealth), Dennis Lee (Namu Gaji), Ian Marks (Beast and the Hare), Ryan Pollnow (flour + water), Mike Selvera (Bar Crudo), Arthur Wall (Garcon!), and Blair Warsham (graffEats).

THE MUSIC- Noisette’s diverse lineup of bands from the alternative and independent music scenes reflects Noise Pop’s mission of bringing innovative, quality music to a discerning and passionate audience. Confirmed talent: Dodos, Pillowfight – featuring Dan the Automator, Emily Wells and Kid Koala, Craft Spells and Taken by Trees. Confirmed DJ’s: Snacky Tunes, Nanosaur and Chad Salty will spin from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. and between sets.

You can buy tickets to Noisette here. However, if you act now, Bernalwood has a pair of Noisette tickets that we will give away to a lucky Bernalwood reader. But like a true rockstar, you will have to work for it. Here’s the gig:

Bernalwood will award a free pair of Noisette tickets to the person who sends us the best photograph of themselves playing air guitar somewhere on the streets of Bernal Heights.

Got that? It’s pretty simple: You and a pal pair up to take a photo of one of you playing air guitar somewhere on the streets of Bernal Heights. You rock, your pal takes the photo. Or vice versa. Make it awesome, and you’ll win the pair of tickets to Noisette.

Rules and Caveats: Send your photo to us at bernalwood *at* gmail *dot* com. Along with your photo, please tell us your first name, and where you were in Bernal Heights when you took your photo. Mobile phone pictures are just fine; please send images at least 900 pixels wide. Air guitar style is more important than photographic excellence, but the ideal winner will combine the two. Any photo submitted for this contest may be published on the glamorous pages of Bernalwood. Energetic air guitar preferred; wan singer-songwriter types participate at their own risk. Contest ends at noon on Monday, July 30, 2012. Images from the winner, and select runners-up, will be published on Bernalwood.

Work on your style, find a scenic spot in Bernal Heights, pair up with a photog, and send us your photo by 12 noon on Wednesday, July 25, 2012. Rock on, Bernalwood!

UPDATE: Photo deadlines deadline has been extended until Monday, July 30. Send your pics to win two free tix! 

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