Valiant Cat Defends Bernal Home from Swarming Raccoons

Feline Defender

The raccoon menace continues in Bernal Heights.

Last week, I looked up from dining room table to see a pack of FOUR (4) raccoons marching down the walkway in my back yard toward our home. Yet before I could get up from my chair, Smudge, our valiant male feline, dashed outside to secure the perimeter.

Arching his back, with his kitty-fur standing on end, Smudge took a stand on the back yard steps while transmitting an unmistakable message to the raccoons in a silent language that no human could hear: “NONE SHALL PASS!” he said.

A brief standoff ensued. The four raccoons glared at our cat, but Smudge did not budge. Then, after about a minute, the raccoons casually turned around and sauntered off in the other direction, away from our house and out of our yard. After the would-be invaders completely disappeared from view, brave Smudge returned to the house, curled up in his cat bed, and took a nap.

All in a day’s work.

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

11 thoughts on “Valiant Cat Defends Bernal Home from Swarming Raccoons

  1. Hey hey, cool cat, but you know raccoons can be vicious and dangerous, and likely outweigh your cat by quite a bit. If your cat actually got in a scuffle with several of them, you may be in for a trip to the vet, or worse. Be careful!

    • As someone who recently had the succulents stolen from his front yard on Moultrie Street, that comment made me laugh.

  2. Brave kitty cat. If that had been my dog. I know she would going to vet. She really would have gone after those racoons.

  3. The raccoons in our backyard like to party in large groups on our side deck and, how shall I say, MATE, which led my 9 year old to say, “look how they are hugging!”

  4. We had a raccoon invasion in the Haight-Ashbury about 10 years ago.

    I recall a full moon night when I counted more than a dozen on rooftops we overlook. It is really bizarre to watch them climb a fire escape ladder hand over hand.

  5. Looks like you have the twin brother to my huge gray cat, down to the back marking.
    Diesel came from animal control in SF so I don’t know more than he was about a
    year old when I got him.

  6. I hope they stay up there and don’t come down to my corner of the Mission. We had an invasion of them from about 1999 to 2002 as well as possums, but I’ve not seen any recently. And I always feared them taking on my cats who were pretty fearless too.

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