This Young Bernal Entrepreneur Wants to Jog with Your Dog

Bernalwood supports our many merchants and businesses in Bernal Heights, and in that spirit we bring you this announcement from one of our more energetic local service providers:

My name is Enoch Pacheco. I’m a 14 year old resident of Bernal Heights who is providing a Dog Jogging Service for the Neigborhood. I heard about the blog you have by word of mouth and think it would be great if you could post an advertisement on your blog for the service that I provide.

The jogging session is done in your neighborhood when possible. My preference is to use nearby parks. My main goal is to provide your dog with the necessary exercise to keep their bones and joints in good health. Being cooped up in the house all day can lead to boredom, mischief and a severe lack of exercise. I look forward to hearing from you. Whether your dog needs a running or a fast paced walking service, he/she is sure to benefit from a daily fitness routine!

If this a service that may be of use to you, please dial the number on your screen:

Oh, and as for his other qualifications… Bernalwood’s research revealed that in 2011, Enoch broke a San Francisco AAA Middle school Track Record in the 400 Meter Dash, with a time of 58.90.

Hopefully, your dog can keep up with him.

PHOTOS: Enoch Pacheco, by his friend Shawn

5 thoughts on “This Young Bernal Entrepreneur Wants to Jog with Your Dog

  1. I wish I had a dog who could benefit from a good run. I totally support young people who are energetic, creative, and looking for ways to generate experience and income. Way to go Enoch!!

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