Revealed! The Incredible Reason Why Bigfoot Was in Bernal Heights Last Week

If you had asked me to describe my ultimate fantasy Bernalwood story one week ago, it would have been a celebrity Bigfoot sighting on Bernal Hill.

Well, as we all know, my wish came true last Tuesday, when Neighbor Frank did indeed photograph a genuine Bigfoot sighting on Bernal Hill.

That was cool. Yet it turns out that the only thing cooler than a Bigfoot sighting on Bernal Hill is the follow-up email I received the next day explaining what exactly Bigfoot was doing on Bernal Hill in the first place:

Neighbor Paul here (aka Paul da Plumber, on Alabama St at Precita). I love Bernalwood and I was delighted to see that Bigfoot’s escapades made the news!

The truth is out there. Bigfoot the Musical is in production. Bigfoot the Musical is a five act eco-love story musical about entropy. Scene 4 is a video segment in a live action musical play. Jesse Roadkill and Kelly Gallamore were filming scene 4 (“Bigfoot in the City”) when your photographs were taken.

Bigfoot the Musical is scheduled to appear on a traveling flotilla starting in Pittsburgh and continuing down the Ohio River. In San Francisco we plan to debut Bigfoot The Musical at Flora Grubb Gardens in mid October.

The short term goal is to get Bigfoot the Musical to Pittsburgh. In order to do that, we need to get the Kickstarter account for The Ohio River Project funded. The Kickstarter account closes Monday so any attention we could get it would be helpful.

Bigfoot would like to thank Neighbor Frank for the photograph. He`s been trying to get a sighting on Bernal for months, but until Tuesday he had not overcome his elusive nature.

Yes! You read that right. Bigfoot: The Musical. (!!!!) And even better, Bigfoot: The Musical is being produced in Bernal Heights! How glamorous! And even better still, Neighbor Paul sent us the promotional video.

So it is with great pride that Bernalwood is honored to debut the video segment from Scene 4 of Bigfoot: The Musical, in which we learn that Bigfoot spends a lot of time in Bernal Heights, and also shops locally. Bigfoot: He’s just like us!

Remember, that Kickstarter fund-drive ends today, so act now if you’d like to support the project.

Lastly, although the Bigfoot puzzle has now been solved, other local creatures remain shrouded in mystery. We now know what Bigfoot was doing in Bernal Heights. But what about the Bikini Jogger?

Like they say: The truth is out there.

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