Alemany Beehives Destroyed in Pointless Vandalism Attack

From the Annals of Stupid Behavior comes this sad report: Some dimwits recently decided to trash the beehives kept on the Alemany Farm overlooking I-280. The Chron brings the bad news:

Two weeks ago, vandals, armed with large chunks of concrete and tree limbs, knocked over and smashed wooden beehive boxes at Alemany Farm, a volunteer-run community farm and hands-on educational program on Alemany Boulevard, tucked between the south slope of Bernal Heights and Interstate 280.

“Every now and then someone knocks over a hive,” said veteran beekeeper Karen Peteros, co-founder of nonprofit group San Francisco Bee-Cause. “But this went beyond that; it was mayhem violence.”

Hundreds, if not thousands of bees, were killed, said Cameo Wood, who serves on the board of San Francisco Bee-Cause. The surviving bees temporarily became more aggressive – a sign of trauma – and the beekeepers lost hundreds of dollars in equipment.

PHOTO: Alemany Farm bee hives. 2010 photograph by Rob Williamson

5 thoughts on “Alemany Beehives Destroyed in Pointless Vandalism Attack

  1. Just restock the hives with Killer Bees and the problem will resolve itself!

  2. I am so disgusted by all this vandalism to our parks and gardens. May the perps be caught and made to do years of public service and fined heavily. If kids, their parents should have to pay the damages. Publicize their names and faces, even if juveniles. ZERO tolerance for any kind of harm to public spaces that do not belong to them. I haven’t even gotten over what was done to Dolores Park’s new playground. Evil!

  3. I noticed a lot of bees buzzing around our house on SouthSide Bernal last week- here’s the answer. Destructive behavior in humans is nothing new, but destroying such natural and good things makes me infinitely sad.

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