Bernal Dads Embark on 24 Hours of Hot, Sweaty Racing

As you read this now, the Bernalwood editorial team is embedded with Bernal Dads Racing, somewhere along I-5 between Fresno and Los Angeles.

I’m in a truck that’s towing a race car, and we are en route to Buttonwillow, a hot, dusty race track just outside Bakersfield. At Buttonwillow, we will participate in the 2012 Arse-Sweat-Apalooza, an endurance race that’s part of the prestigious 24 Hours of LeMons series.

Our objectives:

  1. Get the race car to Bakersfield today.
  2. Race it for 24 continuous hours on Saturday, through the night, and into Sunday.
  3. Survive.
  4. Drive home on Sunday.
  5. Sleep at last.

Our vehicle is the venerable Whale, a combat-weary Volvo 240 wagon that is much nicer to drive than it is to look at.

24 Hours of LeMons at Infinion

Can it be done? What misadventures lie between here and the team’s glorious return to Bernal Heights on Sunday? WE HAVE NO IDEA!

Stay tuned, and we will post regular updates throughout the weekend over on the Bernalwood that’s over on the Twitter.

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One thought on “Bernal Dads Embark on 24 Hours of Hot, Sweaty Racing

  1. Thanks for the gritty details. For those of us that love to wrench on something old and bring it back to life this race series looks like real fun.

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