Ode to the Precita Playground Satellite Spinner

The citizens of Precitaville breathed a big sigh of relief when we learned that the upcoming glamorous makeover of Precita Park would not jeopardize the future of the playground’s much-loved “penultimate satellite spinner.”

The satellite spinner has been here for a long time, and it occupies a special place in the hearts of many Bernalese.

Neighbor Orlando has also been here for a long time, and he recently wrote a moving ode to the Satellite Spinner that reveals it to be not just a piece of playground equipment, but an essential link to life’s essentials:

I am relieved and thrilled with joy that the “penultimate satellite spinner” is not to be messed with. I held on to it with a death grip as I learned to walk as a toddler,  fearing of a hard landing in the sand beneath it. I sat on it holding hands with a girlfriend, dipping our tender toes in the cool sand as a teenager when I fell in love for the first time. And not too long ago, I visited it as a middle aged man when I was grieving the end of my fathers hard life. It is included in the background of many sets of kodak film of two generations in my family. Family that have passed away as the years have gone by. The cars, clothing, and hair dos of the folks in these pictures tell the story of what life was like in the years when they where taken. This “penultimate satellite spinner” has outlived many of the playgrounds make overs. It will outlive me. I hope it is there for me to sit on as I approach the final years of my life. I hope and I wish that perhaps, as I grow older and my life comes closer to its end, it will be there so I can once again hold on to it with that familiar death grip that I learned so well in the beginning.

PHOTO: Precita Playground Satellite Spinner, June 2012, by Telstar Logistics

7 thoughts on “Ode to the Precita Playground Satellite Spinner

  1. Hooray! Precitaville residents Max and Kennedy (featured in the photo with the Cub Reporter) will be so happy that the city’s fastest spinner will continue to reign.

  2. mY brothers and I grew up spinning on that thing! We used to say it was Marvin the martian’s alien ship and make up alien speak. Glad to hear it is staying.

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