5 thoughts on “Wild Old Women of Bernal Heights Still Occupying BofA

  1. The Wild Old Women started protesting vs. the 1% and B of A long time before Occupy Bernal started. They provide an inspiration to anyone interested in social change. On a side note, they wouldn’t have affordable homes if the Bernal heights Neighborhood center hadn’t forced Standard Brands – who built the store now occupied by Big Lots – to let folks build the affordable senior development Coleridge Park Homes on their roof. Just one of many low income developments built by BHNC that look like market rate housing but are affordable. Others include Bernal Gateway at Mission and Chavez, home to 56 families, and Market Heights, behind and above the Alemany Farmers’ Market, home to 46 families. BTW, some nearby – and dare I say it, NIMBY – neighbors opposed Market Heights because it ostensibly would lower their property values and become a haunt for “welfare cheats.” As always happens when NIMBYs oppose affordable homes built by community-based (and in its case, controlled) nonprofits, they all love theplace now, and conveniently forget that they ever opposed it! In the case of Market Heights, hysterical and unfounded opposition forced BHNC to win a citywide ballot proposition to even get to build it. BHNC only got to build Bernal gateway after defeating then-Mayor Willie Brown’s attempts to shove a Lucky’s supermarket down our throats on the same site. Also BTW, NIMBYs opposed Bernal Gateway because “no one would want to live on such a busy corner.” No one? Over 5000 families applied to live there. PS Sorry for such an overly wordy post.

  2. As I look down each morning from my deck at the Market Heights development, I am always amazed at all the new Cadillac Escalades and Lexus sedans; all with paper plates still…makes me wonder how these “needy families” are able to get in affordable housing. The car payments alone run you $1200.00 per month….nothing but fights and drug dealing going on there. It’s a shame some of the 99% are 100% guilty of fraud just like the 1% and Corporate Banks.

    • donatello – To live at Market Heights, a family must be low income. There’s no requirement that a resident be unemployed or on a fixed income. I don’t know how you can tell where the people that drive those cars live, but if you can, you should put your clairvoyance to a productive use! BHNC must ensure that all incoming residents are low income. Most residents pay 30% of their income toward their rent, so that if a household’s rent rises, so does their rent. BHNC has no say in on what a resident decides to spend their income. If you see any fights there, you should call 911 immediately. If you see drug dealing, you should call 553-0123. I believe that you can leave an anonymous tip. And if you see either, or have seen either recently, you might want to call the Amy Beinart, the Director of Housing at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, which as you know owns the development. Or me, although I have no official position at or roll with BHNC, although I am a co-founder (from 1978) and a long-time member. One great thing about BHNC is that the Board is elected by its members from Bernal Heights (and any lower income person receiving assistance or services from BHNC, who can also join). The dues are on a sliding scale, and you can both learn more about BHNC and/or become a member by googling BHNC. So if you or any other Bernal heights neighbor has any concerns about the activity at or around a BHNC property, you can have a direct say in the selection of the Board of Directors, who hires the Executive Director, who hires and fires all BHNC staff members and is directly responsible for all of its activities.

  3. I see the actual NEW cards backing out of the driveways of Market Heights and I have called the non-emergency Ingelside police more than I care to remember. My point was, if these residents can afford $1200 per month car notes, they should be living in normal rental homes and give these units to low income familes that really need it.

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